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Spirit: A Horse Roleplay
On the plains of late 18th century South Dakota reside three groups: the soldiers, the Indians, and of course the wild horse herd known as the Cimarron. Make your own horse or human and join any of the three groups. This takes place after Spirit and Rain have passed and a new generation has taken over the herd.
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Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
Hear the wind calling your name? Need the strength to run another night, or fight another fight? You'll find away. Nothing can take us down- no way! Join us with Spirit's herd!
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Wild at Heart RP
Spirit RP! Jump right into the world of horses with your own OC :D
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Wild Horse Herd
Just like any other RPG but with its own unique quirks! Several horses ready for adoption so gallop on over and let's be wild horses!
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Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron RPG!
This is where you can roleplay with Spirit and his friends or an OC!
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All About Horses
Ask questions about horses! I have lots of experience! I also look them up! And discuss the movie Spirit or just share stuff about horses!
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Orgins of the Cimarron
Ever wish you could be a swift stallion tearing across the prairie meadows, a gentle mare spending time with your foals, a frisky colt, playing with your other siblings or a teasing filly, flirting with the yearlings? Join this forum to live on the plains of the Cimarron, BEFORE Spirit was born!
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Wild and Free Horse Herd RP
You can either play a canon character or make your own! Just come on in and start to rp! :D
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