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The Final Frontier: A Roleplay
"Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before." Create an OC, claim a canon character, and join the crew of the Starship Enterprise or another ship in Starfleet as they journey through and protect space. *OPEN and ACTIVE*
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Boldly Go: Star Trek RP
Yeah a Star Trek RP for the new movie. Come join the crew, make your own, or fight against everybody! OCs and Canon characters from the movie or TOS welcome, I may strech and allow others but talk to me first.
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Star Trek NX-20 RP
The NX class has been reinstated with the new ship NX-20. The crew comes together to operate the ship with whatever missions it is sent on, whether they be peacefull or for other reasons.
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HomeGirls, HomeBoys, and HomeGenderOptionals
A place for fans of 'Home' to converge and discuss pretty much anything about the film, TOS, and of course, Kirk and Spock. Story ideas and recommendations, musings on characterizations, requests, all are welcome. The only thing disallowed is poker.
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Starfleet Academy: Help for the Newly Initiated
So, you never saw Star Trek before the new movie, and you're a bit... lost? Fear not, cadet, we're here to help. Also features FAQs for the Star Trek universe, and a place to speculate on how the Reboot affected a piece of Prime-verse canon.
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Help me find the FanFic I'm looking for!
Hey! I need help trying to find a fanfic I'm looking for! I read it yesterday. It was a story about James T. Kirk and Callista Montgomery nicknamed Callie . I don't remember the title or author! Does anyone know what one it is? The last chapter was chap
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The Final Slash Frontier
Foro de Actividades y Retos para el Fandom Slash de Star Trek Reboot (ST09 & STID). Únete a nuestra tripulación y acompáñanos en nuestro viaje abordo de la Enterprise para ir valientemente donde ningún treekie ha ido jamás!
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Star Trek XI fanfic loves and peeves
What do you love about Star Trek XI fanfic? What do you hate? What little details drive you up the wall? Got any canon tidbits to share, so people will be able to include them in their fics? Suggestions on writing better fics?
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Star Trek: 2009 challenges
a place to pick up challenges, play games, or just chill and talk about the newest installment in the Star Trek epic!
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Star Trek Prompts and kink meme :
This is the place to go if you want to write a Star Trek story but have no idea what to write or if you want to see a story written but are to lazy to write it yourself, you can post the idea here and hope somebody else likes it too :
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List StarTrek pairings, come up with new ones, request a fic with a pairing No promise that requests will be filled
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Star Trek: 2009
C'mon and join the only running Star Trek Forum! You won't be disappointed.. :
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Star Trek: Private Close Form for Those of the Cha
For the Member of the Chan'Surak Clan
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Star Trek II
Okay, maybe you've heard, maybe you've hoped, or maybe your just a noob, but we have the release date for the sequel! June 29 So, here's where us Trekkies can talk about the one thing we've all been wondering about; what's in the second movie?
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Star Trek: THE FORUM!
APPLES TO APPLES GAMEROOM! CHECK IT OUT! IT'S THE BEST GAME EVER! Join in on our writing contests, chat, drink virtual Dr. Pepper! Nectar of the GODS.
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Spock and Spock Prime
A Forum that talks about our favorite Vulcan Hybrid! Past and Future.
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Journey on the Enterprise
This is a Star Trek forum. It is about your character that you create going on a journey with the members of the Enterprise. This is a private forum as of right now.
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Attention Crew Of The Enterprise
The crew of the U.S.S Enterprise are in space for the next 5 years, and will be taking on new recruits. Join Kirk, Spock, Bones, Uhura, Sulu and Chekov on a wonderful journey through the light years. Submit an OC and claim a canon
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La Última Frontera
¡Bienvenido, seguidor de Viaje a las Estrellas! Siéntete libre de participar, seas lector o escritor, sean cúal sean tus gustos, aquí en La Última Frontera pondremos a prueba tu creatividad con retos, juegos y debate teorías. ¡Te esperamos!
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Star Trek 2009 Link Recs
Feel free to promote Star Trek XI links outside of here like Ao3, LJ, DW, KMArchive, KSArchive, Tumblr, etc.
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The Chronicles of Kirk and Spock
Chatter related to The Chronicles of Kirk and Spock, or just Star Trek in general.
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This is for those of you who are sick of seeing Spock being the bottom. You would think that people would understand this because he is vulcan but somehow there are still people out there who want spock to play bottom.
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HurtJim Addicts Forum
Community forum for the "Hurt!Jim Addicts... UNITE!" C2, but open to all who want to discuss Hurt!Jim stories or anything about the Star Trek series reboot.
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Test forum
Ok, at Boldly Go, we have come up with some Ideas, and, as we don't want to take risks, have created this forum to test things on.
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Amusing ideas
Just amusing ideas that I thought to share. What thoughts randomly occur character reactions and such that you would love to know?
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