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Stars Among Us
Welcome to the Stars among us! The canon of the forum is more according to EU lore with some things from the TCW tv show. All changes are listed in the rules. Keep in mind this is a serious Roleplay. If interested please check us out. Ask questions if needed and most importantly have fun.
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The Great Galactic Hub
Come on in and sit down for a Forum about all things Star Wars. From Roleplays, all the way to Movie discussions, or even chat, the GGH is a place for you to relax and enjoy.
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Star Wars: Shattered Galaxy
Roleplaying forum, set from the Old Republic right through to the new movies. Predominantly Canon with traces of Legends.
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Star Wars: The Force Awakens RP
How do you view yourself? As a good or bad person? Do you wish to take over the world, or simply save it? These are some questions that, depending on your answer, could lead you to join the light or dark side. Help your side win the war, only you can determine your actions. Will you help the light side, or the dark side?
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The Return of the Sith!
Set several decades after The Return of Jedi, the Sith have been destroyed, although they have started to rebuild their numbers! To counter this, Luke Skywalker, in his now advanced years, has begun to look for new young Force-sensitive children to rebuild the order with. Choose which side you're on and join the RP!
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Star Wars Chronicles: Jedi & Sith tales
Join us as a new generation of Jedi, Sith, bounty hunters, and many others live their lives in the Star Wars universe. New friends and new enemies will be made. This is their stories. RP!
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May The Force Be With You
Ever wanted to be Darth Vader or Padme or Leia? Maybe Obi-Wan? Ever wanted to exist with them as an ally or as an enemy? Here's your chance. Exist with the characters you always dreamed of existing with. Be in a universe where you can coexist with other species. Be a Jedi you always dreamed of being. Join the characters as they go to different aspects. Just come in and be who you want. Nothing can stop you after all. And as always, may the force be with you. This starts with The Phantom Menace.
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Among The Darkest Stars
There cannot be light without dark. The Force requires balance and to establish that balance, a dark evil rises amonst the darkest stars. Join me in constructing an awesome RP story and experience it with me! Defeat the Sith, join them or be whoever you want! OCs only.
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Star Wars - The Dark Times
Star Wars RP Forum set in 5 BBY, same time period as Star Wars Rebels...the Rebellion has yet to be formed...whose side are you on? *LIQUID TIME*
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Star Wars: The Roleplay Forum
SUITED AND REBOOTED - Set during the peak of the Clone Wars. The Jedi Order suspect an uprising in a Republic held system and dispatch a Jedi Knight to recruit volunteers and create a small strike force to combat this threat. More details inside - ACTIVE
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Star Wars: The Living Force
General Star Wars roleplay forum, currently supports the Old Republic and the Clone Wars. With more people we can safely branch out to Galactic Civil War and New Republic eras. NO FORCE AWAKENS CONTENT. Not now, not ever. This forum runs on Pre-Disney lore.
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Star wars
Covers all of the star wars eras and have fun
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Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Live through the Clone Wars
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Arrival on Coruscant
*text-only transmission to Chancellor's Office, Coruscant: Your Excellency, we have arrived on-planet and will appear at your office shortly* *starts taking the ship down through the levels* Alright, Cress my sister, monitor the comm for me and let me know if anyone hails us to correct our course, won't you? And when we land, get the detox ready in the sanisteam - I'm probably gonna need it. The radiation down where we're going would kill, if left unattended.
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Star Wars: Engines of the Past
Set 10 years after the battle of Endor, after the fall of Emperor Darth Sideous and the destruction of the second Deathstar. The galaxy is in a state torn between the New Republic and the remnants of the Empire. The new Jedi have begun to arise along side the New Republic, and the time of peace and tranquility for all is at our finger tips. Though the Republic believe that they warrant peace and harmony, others see them as much as a threat as the former Galactic Empire.
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Star Wars: The Clone Wars RP
The shroud of the Dark Side has fallen. War rages between the Republic and the Separatists. What side are you on in the greatest conflict the galaxy has ever seen?
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Tales of the Bandit
Captain of an independent cargo ship seeks capable crew members willing to operate with discretion, in close quarters, and under pressure, risking their lives daily for terrible food and unreliable income. Active as of August 2016 (A completely OC RPG.)(Six spots left)
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Star Wars Mercz
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Star Wars: Legends
The Clone Wars. The Galactic Civil War. Create your character, and fight on your side. Jedi or Sith, Clone or Droid, Bounty Hunter or Assassin, you decide...
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Star Wars: The New Story
Private Forum
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Star Wars The rise of VEX A literate roleplay
This roleplay will hopefully, become a fan-fiction all of it's own if I can find some amazing role-player's who love Star Wars just as much as I do. OC's will be welcome, but if you are going for a cannon character, please provide a roleplay sample. Lets make this Roleplay worthy of being part of the star wars mythos.
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The force is strong in you rper
Join here to make a oc star wars character and cannon claim have fun and Remer may the force be with you.
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Star wars: the force never sleeps
Delve into the galaxy we all know and love and create your perfect characters
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A Very Organized Mortal Kombat RP
There is a lot of role playing forums on this site that are a lot of fun but hard to follow this rp will be easy for anyone to pick up on. We are going with the new mortal kombat x timeline after all the character endings, get ready and choose your destiny. Create your own or reserve one of your favorite characters travel through all the realms, and fight for your honor.
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