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DC Universe RP (2020)
Looking for an active DC Universe Roleplay? You've come to the right place! Claim any Canon or make an Oc to jump into the action!
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The New Squad
The new and improved Squad is here to play and here to stay. Following the current DC cinematic universe of Suicide Squad through Birds of Prey and everything in between, let's put a smile on that face and have some fun!
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Suicide Squad RP
Just for me and friends.
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Love's Conquer
She changed. She was a nerd. He's a bad boy. They're different. But, yet so similar. She was abused. He was lonely. She was good. He is bad. She was shy. He is outgoing. She used to flinch. He still smirks. They say opposites attract. Is it true? Read and find out.
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Story Idea's or Challenges 5
Hi I'm not great at writing stories so I'm posting a list of ideas if people are interested
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