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Super 8 RP
Just a super 8 RP, since there are so few, and I felt like making one
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The Super Awards 2012
Made to recognize the brilliant, fabulous, and best talent we have here in the small Super 8 archive. We do have some great talent. And a punny name. Come check it out.
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Leathal Lillians
Since we all know Super 8 is Super Great I think it's about time someone set up a forum where all the fans can discuss what they like, dislike and whatever else they want as long as it pretains to the movie we all gathered here to write/read for.
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Super 8 Role Play
for Role players to role play Super 8
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Super 8 RP forum
Here it is...probably the only currently active Super 8 RP! Come here to rp as your OC or as a canon character! Writing contests every month are optional! The main RP is based on the movie, but join and you can create your own threads/chats/etc!
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