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Tangled RP
We all know the original story of Tangled. Here is where you can be a part of it! Adventures, the smolder, frying pans, magic, darkness, thugs, music. This place has got it all!
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The Snuggly Duckling
The Tangled Forum. Come talk about the amazing new movie- characters, plot, music, animation, and more!
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I made this RP when I should've been doing homework...
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This is the first forum for the new Disney movie Tangled! So come discuss anything related to to the movie anything at all. Let down your hair and join in on Disneys take of the classic Rapunzel story!
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LadyOfGlass and Rosbud5's Disney RP Forum
Private forum only, for Rosebud5 and LadyOfGlass. Disney RPG! It's a small world after all...
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The Kingdom of Corona
Welcome to the Kingdom of Corona Tangled RP! Anyone is welcome to join in! This forum is created primarily for a Facebook group I am in, but it doesn't have to be limited to just us!
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Disney Princess & Prince Corner
talk about all of them here! Have fun and make sure to follow the rules!
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Tangled sidekicks
come in and disscuss anything as long as its about the sidekicks of the movie
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Varian and Quirin?
Anyone who loves varian and his father moments, or fan fictions with their relationship and fluff of them in it.
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