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What did u think we were gonna do? run?
Just a bunch of Scalia (Scott and Malia) one shots and "what if" stories.
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I've Found You
Story's bio: stiles just wishes he was just a normal teenager was that so much to ask. But no the Lord thought He should deal with a family secret and his friends falling for him and the most popular guy in school is in love with him. Why couldn't he worry about acne  and studying for  final exams. But no he gets magic, werewolves, and mates. and potential death. Why him
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Scott Mccoll verdadero alfa
Scott Mccoll loses his family is adopted by the Hale, gets a new best friend Malia, loses her pack again, and her memory in the fire but does not lose her best friend.
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Le surnaturel ? Teen wolf
Hey je m'appelle David je viens ici à Beacon hills pour revoir mon frère jumeau Corey , nous avons été séparés depuis l'âge de 5 ans mais maintenant on en a 16 .J'ai entendu des rumeurs disant qu'il y a des choses bizarre q beacon Hills et j'ai envie de savoir quoi ! voilà un livre sur teen Wolf j'espère qu'il va vous plaire, pas besoin d'avoir vue la série bisous
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