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The Branches of Yggdrasil
And so were created the nine realms, all hanging upon the branches of the world tree Yggdrasil.
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Thor RP for everyone who has enjoyed the movie :D This RP is fairly new so we need more rpers on here!
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The Impending War
The last war between the War Gods and the Nature Gods brought about a chaos that still runs a shiver down the spines of the gods to this day. When another, deadlier war threatens to begin, will Earth's heroes come to the aid of their defenseless home? {OPEN}
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Asgard of the Nine Realms
Life in Asgard has often remained a mystery to those who wish to experience it, but now in Asgard something is stirring. Something old, very old. Even Odin is worried about this new threat. And, for once, it isn't Loki's doing. In fact, Loki's help is needed. Now, here's the thing: The Asgardians cannot face this threat alone. They're going to need help (Though Thor won't admit it), so, are you up for an adventure? Are you ready to help save Asgard? ][Active][
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Marvel Assemble
An Avengers RP forum as well as a place to find RP partners for one-on-one RPs and plots for both original and canon characters. Enjoy!
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Thor Fan fiction
This is just a spot to talk about all things related to Thor fan fiction.
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Thor RP Forum
Welcome to Asgard, claim on of your favorite Asgardians or create your own.
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Have Fun
Just another RP forum. Crossovers and OC's gladly welcomed.
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The Nine Worlds
An RP based on the newly released Marvel Studios movie. OC and Canon are welcome.
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Tales of Asgard
Before the wars, before the hurt, before the deception, they were all children who lived in harmony.
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The Best Forum Ever XD
RP anyone welcome, based off Thor movie, feel free to add any avengers and this is a slash rp ;D need a profile and description note: any character is availible except: Thor, Loki any other s are availble ;D
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Loki Fanfiction (original characters and new characteres)
Here we will obsess about Loki/ Tom Hiddleston and sometimes Thor
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Random Asgardian Adventures Roleplay
Want to use or experiment with Asgardian OCs or plot devices? Want to see if you can make some MCU Asgard loving friends? This is a place for you. Open to all, OCs, crack, AU, crossovers. Forum rules apply. More details in different topics.
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Thorki Just Thorki
As the titles says: Thorki. Talk about Thor/Loki and their love !
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Thor Ragnarok FanForum
Anyone who is thrilled for the new Thor: Ragnarok (or other marvel movies) movie can discuss their most anticipated scenes and characters here! come in and converse...
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Mis fanfics recomendados
Los trabajos de otros autores que me gustan y los que quiero recomendar
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The Gods of Asgard
The gods of Asgard rule over the nine realms, but there is evil hidden within the Universe. Thor and I (Loki) are not sure who the monsters are, nor do we know where they are. All is welcome to help find them, there is always room for extra warriors!
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