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Tinkerbell Roleplay Forum
Open for everybody! Just come, pick a fairy and take part in funny or sexual adventures on Neverland. You can CREATE your own Topics too!
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Pixie Hollow Adventures RP (with crossover characters allowed)
Join Tinkerbell and her friends in a series of adventures through Pixie Hollow. Choose one or more canon characters, create your own or even borrow some from other categories.
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Tinker Bell Fanfic Writers
Writing Disney Fairies/Tinker Bell fanfiction? You can come and share your ideas: short summaries, plot ideas/brainstorms, OC discussions, etc. This is the place for Fairy Fanfiction writers.
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Bobble Bobble Bobble!
opkay, who loves Bobble? well i do! come talk about mr. phineas t. kettletree!
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Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure
Any hopes or expectations for the sequal?
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Tinkerbell X Frozen RP
An alternate universe Tinkerbell/Frozen roleplay where the characters from Frozen are fairies. More details inside.
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Disney Fairies Discussion
General discussion of the world of Pixie Hollow; no RP, no judgement, just thoughtful conversation on how this world works.
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Tinkerbell's RolePlay!
Play as Tinkerbell or one of her friends, and create new fairies too!
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A Pixie Hollow General Forum: Talk about whatever
The title says it all, anything about pixie hollow is spoken right here.
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Tinkle Bell Roleplay
Roleplay for tinkle bell, OC or Canon allowed Teen to Adults only. Setting will be in pixie hollow in the world of the movies
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Sonic the Sparrowhog RP
A roleplay forum dedicated to the fans of my Sonic the Sparrowhog series. Help the fairies take care of nature or get your weapons ready and enroll into the Pixie Hollow Special Forces
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Tinkerbell movies: the first one and the second on
Tinkerbell fans of the world come here and share your love for tinkerbell! Explain the movies, the characters, the love that seems that Tinkerbell and terrence have... Come here to talk about anything dealing of Tinkerbell!
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Tragic or Happy EVER AFTER?
Tell me about your thoughts. What is your preferred ending? Share your wisdom. Expand your ideas. Widen your imaginations. Explore what you're about to know! Hop in!
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TinkerBell: And the boy of Neverland
Pixie Hollow is safe, the fairies are happy, and a new arrival appears. But, something goes wrong. All of the talents and the mixtures of forces of nature have come in one, mixing with the new fairy arrival. It creates the most wondrous boy, a boy born by a baby's laugh, formed by the powers of Neverland. A young human boy, born as a fairy but looks like man. The fairies of Neverland, call him, Pan. Read it, I promise it's good!
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Фейский клуб (Russian Tinkerbell Community)
Приглашаю поклонников диснеевских фей. Расскажите, как вы представляете мир сказочного острова. Поделитесь творчеством, на которое вдохновили мультфильмы. Развивайте фантазию и сыграйте в ролевую игру в фейском мире.
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Fairy Lovers Challenges
There's two on my profile page.
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Wonders of Reality
Hello Tinkerbell fans and everyone who likes adventures and science! If you find the series interesting, feel free to discuss the stories, suggest new ideas and improve the episodes. A little help with translation and editing is appreciated. Join the community and learn the best kind of magic—the magic of reality.
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