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Ship of Dreams
That it is. Welcome to the RMS Titanic, where dreams really do come true. Come on in, make an OC, or two or three, and embark on a what is not only a journey, but a legend.
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Take Her to Sea, Mr Murdoch!
Grab your ticket and hop aboard White Star Line's latest triumph: the Unsinkable Titanic! Make an OC and travel across the Atlantic in the lap of luxury, on the largest ship in the world! Ready for a realistic Titanic roleplay?
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Titanic Roleplay
Want to roleplay on the most luxurious ship in the world? Come aboard the Titanic with an OC and make it to America alive...
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The Ship Of Dreams
Set in the early 1900's. You have been invited on the Ship of Dreams, more commonly known as the Titanic, the 'unsinkable' ship. Come and RP-everybody welcome.
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Favorite Titanic Quote!
What is your favorite line or quote from Titanic? Share here
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Titanic RP & co-writing forum
A place to roleplay the beautiful movie that is Titanic! Also for co-writing stories! Welcome aboard! ACTIVE 2019
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Favorite scenes from the movie
Post here some of the scenes that made you cry, made you go wow! Or just made you laugh out loud!
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Titanic Role Play
Anyone can join only OC'S not characters from movie. Basically it's what happen to others on the titanic. :D
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Titanic Roleplaying!
And so it begins... A fantastic ride aboard the fated ship's maiden voyage. Grab a ticket, wave good bye, and be prepared for the adventure of a lifetime.
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Welcome To Titanic
Come abord to ship of dreams! This is great place to disscus anything from the movies to the real ship. Or can just be anything related to this beautiful ship!
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Lacking Reviews? U review me, I'll review u!
I think the title sums it up but basically if u have no reviews and/or aren't getting any hits then post ur story here.
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Titanic Fanfiction Challenge Le Grande
Need fresh ideas? Inspiration? Wanna get in league with some of these other Titanic fic writers? How about wanting to read more variegated fic? If you're in agreement with any of those, step into my parlor...
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All aboard RMS Titanic!
Welcome to Titanic RP-ing. Everyone is welcome to ride the ship of dreams and play with it till the tragedy occurs. We can also talk about certain topics here!
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Titanic Lovers!
You like Titanic? Want to talk about your own stories or you want other people to read them? Want to talk about the movie plot? This is where you belong!
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Titanic Roleplay
this is the roleplay about the RMS Titanic which hit an iceberg on it's maiden voyage to New York City from Southampton. I will only accept OC characters only
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Best Titanic Fanfics
If you have ever read a Titanic Fanfic and fell in love with it, share it here! Or if you'd like to promote your own, feel free to do so!
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Titanic In Twilight
Isabella Swan, and Jacob Black are soon to be married after they travel across the Atlantic on the Titanic. Soon did she know that she would be falling into a vampire's arms,and her fiances, with different descriptions of love for both of them. Who will s
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The RMS Titanic
Travel back in time to the decks of the grandest ship in history.
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Cal Fans Unite!
Discuss everything about Titanic's misunderstood millonare here!
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RMS Titanic Chats
Step aboard the epic ship! Basically this forum includes anything and everything Titanic related! If you'd like to be a moderator just send me a PM and I'll send you a moderator invite! The more the merrier and hopefully the ship doesn't sink! :)
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If you are a fan of the flying scenes join!
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This is a forum for people who want to ask questions, make suggestions, or just chat about thier favorite fanfic of Jack and Rose.
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A New Life Ahead
If you have written a story having to do with Rose's life after titanic, this is the place to go!
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Hearts and Dreams
For all fans of the ship of dreams! You can post replies about the characters, the ship fanfiction by me or recommend stories. Come with me to the Titanic...
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