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Transformers RP
Come here to RP with the big guys. Choose a sid and join the fun!
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Masters of Demise
Masters of Demise is a Transformers rp that takes place 15 years after the Decepticons have sucsefully taken over Earth and enslaved the human race. Here is where your destinay awaits you.
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Transformers Fandom!
Roleplays, Oc's, and CHAT ROOMS!
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Transformers Multiverse
These are the most known universes in the Transformers franchise. Enjoy.
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TF Revenge of the Fallen Spoiler Heaven
A place for all those who have seen the new movie to talk about it without worrying of spoiling it for anyone. Feel free to fritz, y'all!
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Transformers: Rise of the Darkness
They were defeated right in the Chicago streets...But there is rising activity, no thanks to the Decepticons themselves. That's right: They're back. Only you can stop them...Or join them. Canons available, and OC's are welcome.
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Transformers: Human Alliances
Take your oc through the Transformers movie s or play as a canon and interact with the oc s . Canon players needed! I'll pick up whoever is left last. STARTING THE SECOND MOVIE LINE! OPROTUNE TIME TO JOIN!
English - Topics: 5 - Posts: 933 - Since: 05-06-12 - Admin: VioletDawn00
Transformers: Dark of the Moon Remake Role Play
A role play that is about the 3rd movie.
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Cybertronion Mages
English - Topics: 2 - Posts: 670 - Since: 10-09-09 - Admin: Autobot Girl
Transformers fantasy Forum
Come on in. Create a character and begin to RP with said character. Enjoy.
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Optimus And Ironhide Fan club
Calling all Optimus Prime and Ironhide fans! Random discussions focusing on random things from those two to Transformers in general. Come say HI!
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Autobots Unlimited
For those of us who have joined a RP only to find that our fav character s have been taken. OCs are welcome.
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New Lives PRIVATE RP 1x1
For a few people the effects of the finally battle were too much, for those that survived they have now banded together. After the Fallen was killed what happened to the Autobots and NEST?
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Transformers Roleplay
Create a Transformer and help either Autobots or Decpticons in the war.
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Transformers Roleplay
Only come here if you're truly serious about a fun and fair roleplay.
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Transformers Fantasy Forums
Act out your fantasies in this forum; rules apply to all threads, adhere or risk being banned. Most threads will be M rated.
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Transformers, The Return (RPG)
Sam Witwicky thought he understood his family's motto: "No sacrifice, no victory" but now that Earth is yet again trapped in a battle between two super-powered beings, he will soon realize that he never even came close to understanding it. - Ever since Megatron and Optimus Prime first crossed paths it has been said that one shall stand and one shall fall. Now, 10 years later, it seems this shall finally (yet again) be decided. Will you stand beside us or against us? Autobot or Decepticon, the time has come!
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Transformers Writing Prompts
Ever wanted to just sit down and write about your favorite Autobot or Decepticon. But have no clue what to write about them doing? That's where writing prompts can help kick start your story. These are suggestions that can be written into stories with your favorite characters. Feel free to share Plot bunny ideas.
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The Transformers Human Team Role Play!
After sector seven was disbanded they had to set up a special task force for the Autobots. ROLE PLAY for human characters. Autobot players needed too! :D
English - Topics: 2 - Posts: 36 - Since: 10-02-09 - Admin: Clumsical
Predy96's TransformersFan Club Forum
Talk about the movies, books, comics, games, etc. Have a excuse the pun blast! RPs galore here!
English - Topics: 5 - Posts: 35 - Since: 03-17-11 - Admin: Choco Scorpion Bat
Earth-Based Transformers RP
A Transformers RP based on Earth. Exactly what the title says. Read all rules and information topics before roleplaying.
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Transformers Movie version RP!
Well if you read the title you know what it's about so come on in and Role play everyone is welcome claim a character or be an OC.
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Who's your favorite transformer character?
Who do you like the best out of the transformer cast? Autobot or Decepticon?
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The War Will Never Be Over
The war between the Autobot and the Decepticons will never be over. Make your OC and remember. One shall stand and one shall fall.
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what do you want a story writen about & discution
here is another 'what do you want a story writen about' forum, exept in this one, you can talk about these and other stories you like.
English - Topics: 3 - Posts: 12 - Since: 07-19-10 - Admin: Well of Allsparks
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