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The Benbow Inn
Come to talk about anything having to do with Treasure Planet! Here you can meet new people, talk about the supposed "Treasure Planet 2", or just hang out!
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Welcome Aboard The RLS Legacy
If it belongs aboard the Legacy, it belongs here. Discuss story ideas, speculate about Amelia and Doppler's married life, or fume about the box office failure. [If you've come to drool over Jim, please clean up after yourself.]
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Treasure Planet shipping
Who's your favorite TP couple? I know choices are limited but come on and show me what you got people!
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Story Challenges and Ideas
As there are few Treasure Planet fics on the site, I have decided to set up this forum to give potential fic writers some ideas and inspiration. Anyone is free to post a story challenge or to accept one.
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Haters for my stories
Jim and Ariel has been my favorite couple and seems that there are flamers that would want to get rid of my stories. Please help me jimxariel4everfan19 stop these flamers and keep my stories. Power to my favorite couple
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Tresure Planet II
If u could be in TP2, what would you do? ie Voice Actor, Director, Script Writer ect.. And what should the plot be?
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The Treasure Planet Ultimate Roleplay
Come here to roleplay anything about Treasure Planet. You can start your own version of how Treasure Planet really happened, or you can start a whole new story featuring your own or your favorite Treasure Planet characters!
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Treasure Planet Role playing
just something wacky and crazy NEED PEOPLE TO join in It does matter who ever ya wanna be be it! As long as it is a Treasur ePlanet Character
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JimxAmelia pairing
This form is for the disscussion of anything, and everything JimxAmelia. From story ideas, to parody, to just whacked out thoughts about the two! Enjoy yourselfs! AMELIAXJIM FOREVER!
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Treasure Planet RP
A new generation of adventurers and pirates has emerged. What will be your calling? Treasure Planet RP; happens long after all the characters from the movie are gone.
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A little old school Disney
Just posting this to get people to read my new fan sequel! You can read more about it in my profile. I'm truly trying to make it like Disney used to. Please read it. It's entitled, Treasure Planet: The Last Seed. PLEASE LEAVE REVIEWS. Thank you. :
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Jim and Melody
For the Jim and Melody JiMel/Jelody fans, you can discuss anything related to this couple .
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