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Tron Role Playing Game
Welcome to Bold"The Grid"/Bold. A digital frontier of information and energy that systematically make up us all. Set well and play by the rules or you will be sent to the games for immediate deresolution.
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Tron Rp
Roleplay and discover the riddles of the GRID...grid...grid. You can play as Canon Characters or OC
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Tron Discussion and Philosophy
Come and discuss your thoughts, questions, philosophizing, or story ideas about both Tron and Tron: Legacy!
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Sam and Quorra
Q's and A's on the relationship.
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Music of legacy
So what are your thoughts on the music of Tron, I think that it's what made the movie so awesome...besides the fact that Tron is amazing anyway.
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System Restorereal world: the forum
yeah, this is for flynn's fans ONLY, cause you can only write once per chapter. disgruntled Users who flame will be sent to the Games for immediate deresolution...by rinzler. consider yourselves warned.
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