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Underwold: Everything happenes for a reason RP!
Come here and rp -
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Underworld Roleplay
Come join us in Underworld. Make a OC or be a character from the movie.
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Underworld: Bloodlines (RPG)
"Hereby I so swear that I, Viktor of Moldova, will uphold the covenant and dedicate myself to the continued survival of the blood line." It is 1402 and Sonja, not Lucien escaped Viktor's grasp. 1800s in the colonies are also available.
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Underworld Movies Roleplay
Roleplay, covers all three movies. Play a Lycan, a vampyre, or a simple human caught in the middle of the supernatural war between the two.
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Fangs against Claws
Come join and make your OC as two powerful species werewolves and vampire face off against each other as the centuries of fighting continued. However times might be different as not all want to fight. Can these two species create peace and live among each other like before or will they drag others into their war?
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Underworld: Blood Wars
For centuries Lycans and Vampires have been sworn enemies, fighting countless battles, and neither ever giving up. The age-wars between them doesn't seem like it will let up any time soon. Come join our Underworld Roleplay, and join the struggle.
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Underworld: Shadows
An rp set in the Underworld universe. The Lycans have all but been wiped out due to the efforts of many to either cure their silver allergy or simply to rule the world all of which have ended in failure. The next war is just beginning.
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Underworld Rebirth
After Selene and Eve start searching for Michael they also start meeting new hybrids that had been hidden from all others. Those born and bitten hybrids. The few lycan packs that escaped. And more american covens. Make your character or claim a canon and live out the story.
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Underworld Role Play
Yes, it's a Underworld Role play, read my post if you DON'T know what underworld is. THis is a general Role play like my kirby one where it can be anything from Underworld Unleashed, Rise of the Lycans etc.
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Underworld RP
As a lycan, vampire, human, or hybrid, I solumnly swear to do my part as a citizen of the Underworld. Whatever the need PM me or a moderator please. The last forum I had up people spammed in topics. It isn't that I don't trust you all here to follow the rules it is just that I don't want topics spammed in again. Please read the rules before you do anything else and enjoy. Forum administrator: Hemlar
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Welcome to the Underworld: A Roleplay
Hello, friends and fellow warriors. Care to join the war? You've come to the right place. The only question now is this: Will you join a side...or take a stand of your own?
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Underworld stories and comments
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UnderWorld RolePlaying
A place where you can Rp as underworld Species or characters.
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Underworld Universe
If you like Underworld come in here and talk about it.
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Misterios ocultos
6 años han pasado desde que se vieron, y al hacerlo descubrirán nuevos sentimientos. lucharan por sus vidas y la de sus seres queridos, descubriendo el verdadero propósito de Antigen para con Eve. Lo se mal Summary, solo espero le den una oportunidad a esta historia
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Which hybrid is more powerful?
Both Michael and Marcus are hybrids, but different types of hybrids. Which one is more powerful?
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AU Underworld
A world of RP awaits, anyone up for Selene? Her daughter searches for the mother she was robbed of.. Any Underworld character welcome.
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so what do you think.werewovles win or e and have a good old debate about it here
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Club de fans
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