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The Brotherhood
Join the Brotherhood and combat the evils of the world!. . Or talk about your fanfics, ideas, gush about Van Helsing of course or simply roleplay with the gang.
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Van Helsing 2: The revenge
Since there was no sequel why not make one? Here is an RP where you can make an OC to side with VH or even Dracula as he rises to destroy his longtime foe. The setting is the present
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My life, my job, My curse, is to vanquish evil
Come on Van Helsing fans! Come in here! Post your comments here, about the movie, Van Helsing:London Assignment, or your own fanfic stories to help you get more reviewers, or just need help on the dreaded writers block.
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Van Helsing RolePlay!
For anyone wanting to join! All characters are open! Even Van Helsing! JOIN UP AND CHOOSE TODAY!
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Van Helsing RPG
Want to roleplay in a world of vampires, vampire hunters, faithful monks, monsters, and werewolves? You've come to the right place.
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Discussions on Story Ideas
This forum is for people who have writer's block. Everyone can trade ideas on beginnings, endings, plots, and character structure.
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This forum is for all Dracula fans out there! You can write comments about him or recommend stories that are worth reading and more. Please post your comments here my forum is starving !
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Van Helsing Best Role Play
Are You interested in the Movie Van Helsing, do you wish to Roleplay a Werewolf or Vampire.. or maybe something more you wish to create? Please join! Unlimited Fun Rated M
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Vampire Lore
After getting a lot of comments on my story about my Vampire Lore being incorrect, I decided to just put this up where people can come post what they know and share the wealth.
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Van Helsing talk
this is for all talk Relating to Van Helsing. or the movie, der lol.
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Slave for You
A place where you can talk just about anything about the moviebook Van Helsing, of its characters, plots, clothes, places, etc. Stories and ideas you have can also be included here! :
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Advice area
Thinking of writing a new story and not sure it will make a hit? Come into this forum and discuss it and recieve advice or people who will support it.
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Dracula and Anna
This is where you can talk about Dracula and Anna.......just a place to talk about them.
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Lonely Souls
This is a forum dedicated to the relationship of Dracula and Aleera of the movie Van Helsing. So if you're a fan of them then please join!
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A Forbidden Love I Need Some Inspiration
Hey everyone I need some ideas for Chapter 6. I sort of have an idea what I want to put in the chapter but I am at a stand still right now
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Gabriel Van Helsing
Club de Fans de Gabriel Van Helsing
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