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The Official WALLE Forum
The first forum for WALL-E. Post whatever WALL-E related topics you want here, it's all game.
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Human Walle Characters
YAY i just started the human walle forum :D
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The Official AUTO Fanbase
This is a place to say nice things about Auto, because he needs some love too, and lots of people are saying bad things about him.
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WALLE, our favorite trash compacting robot!
Come here to discuss all things about WALL-E, EVE, M-O, and the rest of the robots, none of which are less important
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All things Wall-e!
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WALL E Rocks the House!
So we all know WALL-E is the coolest robot EVER! and if you have something to say pleas come here! it well be WAY more fun if you join!
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Clockwork Imaginations' WallE Forum!
Salutations everybody! Feel free to come in and chat about anything Wall-E related, Roleplay, debate things about the movie, share OC's, or exchange stories and artwork! Sounds fun, no? Well then what are you still standing around for? Come on in!
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WALLE and Johnny 5 Short Circuit
Okay, I'm sorry, mark it as spam or dispute it, but... what similarities are there between Wall-E and Johnny 5 besides the appearance which technically, if you leave the treads and the binocular eyes, is not very similar and the curiosity?
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General WallE
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WALL-E And EVE Roleplay Forum. Which One Were Gonna Do: Anthro Wolf, Dog, Anthro Dog, Melmacian, Wolf or Robot?
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The Earth is a fighter
Set before the movie. 2 years after the humans left and his kind dying out, Wall-e is put through a test of survival as the world he knew starts to change. Wall-e belongs to disney.
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