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Wreck It Ralph, Ralph x Felix
RP, Discussion, and whatever else you want! NO HATERZ!
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Wreck-It-Ralph rp
An rp...duh lol
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Everything Wreck-It-Ralph!
Have fun and chill with friends on this Wreck-It-Ralph fan forum! You can Roleplay, chat, claim characters, create OC,create your own game, talk about it... anything and EVERYTHING!
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Wreck it Ralph Community Role Play
Come and make OC's or just use the real characters from a game you like. Fix-it Felix JR: DrakeShadow1 Vanellope Von Schweetz: DrakeShadow1 (Drakes sister)
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Wreck-It-Ralph Forum
Come here to roleplay, chat, and more!
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Sugar Rush Surprises!
Come and roleplay, have some fun in Sugar Rush!
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Looking for a RP
Just saw the movie not so long ago, so was hoping to do a RP with my OC. PM if interested.
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Wreck-It-Ralph RP
Now that Turbos dead, the arcade has no more surpises... or does it? Claim an arcade, video game character, even a movie character as the arcade has added a VG room, filled with any video game character there is. Plus, a bunch of newly installed tv screens with movies that run on loop. Hurry, first come, first serve.
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Wreck-it Ralph Discussion!
A discussion board for the series Wreck-it Ralph. Come here and discuss the movie, games, fics, and other things in this series. It's make your mommas proud time! (CONSTRUCTION OVER.)
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Sugar Rush Adventures
A continued adventure after the movie ends.
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Wreck it Ralph Revival
This forum is an attempt to try and revive the Wreck it Ralph community, It's a general place come and chat and try and liven thing back up again. Maybe even talk about the (highly possible) sequel to WiR.
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Wreck-it Ralph Shipping Chat!
This forum is mainly to talk about the ships of Wreck-it Ralph! Warning! I will not include slash or fem-slash, nor the ship known as 'Jawbreakers' (Van/Ralph) otherwise, have fun!
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Game On!
It's another Wreck-It Ralph role playing forum, but this time it's actual video game characters only! Come one, come all and stake your claim! Any legitimate game characters welcome! Please no OCs. It's a video game free for all, Wreck-It Ralph style! NOTE: Currently accepting first three approved OCs for Hero's Duty.
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New Game in The Arcade
A new game is in the arcade.RP as a player from Moon-Warriors and meet characters from the movie!
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Race To The Throne: Season One: Author's Lounge
Come create a story with me and a few of my fellow authors on a Wreck-It Ralph story based off of Game of Thrones! It's going to be a fun time here! Are you ready for this dangerous Race To The Throne?
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Wreck it Fortress
An Experiment on RPIng TF2 Wreck it Ralph crossover fics
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Cy-bred Creation
Create your own cybred character with amazing features. Cybreds rule except for "Turbo" he was evil.
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Looking for Hero's Cuties one on one
Looking for a Hero's Cuties one on one RP. Preferably though AIM but open to other options. I'm interested in playing Calhoun, looking for a Felix. Either IM me on AIM at SilverCivet or PM me here
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Wreck-It Ralph OC Posterboard
Writing a fanfic and want to include OCs that aren't yours? Advertise your fic here! Discuss with other fans how and where to use your characters, plot out crossovers, and develop relationships between them!
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Wreck-It family
This is where you can basically post things like parents/sibilings/ect. or give certain characters back-stories. We appreciate all posts!
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