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Xmen Roleplay
New: Five year time skip that includes sentinels, mutant hunting, and concentration camps. *Active*
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XMen RP!
I noticed the lack of X-Men: The Movie RP's that were, as you might say, alive. So I decided to make one for the X-Men movie fans out there! Join if you wish!
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X-men after DOFP
The future has been changed and the Professor reassured but it is a long road ahead for the creator of the x-men. New enemies are arising and old ones are plotting, can Charles and his new X-men stop the forces of En Sab Nur, Nimrod and the Friends of Humanity?. This takes places in the alternate time line of DOFP so between the 1970s-1990s time line. Join and either help the x-men or join the brotherhood.
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Groovy Mutations
Si estabas buscando un foro donde poder comentar las películas de X-Men y participar en retos, juegos, etc., ¡ya lo has encontrado! ¡Entra y diviértete, tanto si eres humano como mutante!
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Xavier's School for the Gifted
This is where you can place your OC's and play with them a bit, go around the school, attend classes, and meet your fellow members! Try to keep to the story line, sometimes I will use things that happen in the story!
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X-Men: Power of the Mutants
Last week, the President declared that Mutants have no part in society and that if they don't leave humanity, they will be subject to full war by the United States. The message was met with wide success and Mutants across the country have been forced out of their homes, turned on by the people they used to call their neighbors. Some have risen up against the government, taking on the challenge of war. Others know that if this happens, the world will fall into ruin. Which side are you on? OC's only.
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Into the darkness, X-men RP
X-men RP that takes place after First Class, just before the first movie. Alternate Universe. Darkness is settling down on the mutant community, can our OC's and characters survive what's coming? Read forum rules before making a character, M rated RP. Actively looking for RPERS! If you are 16 or older, please join!
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X-men Rp
This RP is set in the new first class/ DOFP universe. You can claim a canon characters or RP as an OC. You can have any canon character throughout the whole X-men franchise. Anyone is welcome to join
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Gathering Storms for a World of Burning Horizons
"It has always been human nature to fear what is different. Such has it been through history, and will be until the end of mankind. Now, I fear the end of mankind may be approaching. In their fear, the humans have united, against the mutants, the wizards, the vampires, werewolves, and the like. In their fear, the humans have turned to technology, to destroy all that is different. Diplomacy has failed. Reason has failed. Now, I fear that this war will not end until we are dead, or they are." - Charles Xavier
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X-Men: The Second Generation Roleplay
The school is still going strong and there are more and more mutants coming and going. The Brotherhood no longer exists, having joined the X-Men and there is another mutant group, called the International Organization of Mutants, that teaches and trains mutants, whom have no qualms with humans. But there is a new threat, and all mutants must work together. *Keep in mind, this forum is movie based; nothing to do with the comics*
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Join the X-Men or Brotherhood! This is a X-Men RP based on the X-Men movies, taking place right after X-Men: The Last Stand
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MC Wilde's Who Wants To Be An XMan
Everyone has a mutant inside of them; just choose your side! Join Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and RP your own X-Man in training. Or accept the Brotherhood's request for recruits and become the ultimate villain!
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XMen: First Class Rp!
If you like X-men.. and you have always wanted to play your Favorite character come join :D, it is before the war, when Charles Xavier could walk
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Welcome to the X-Men
Join the X-Men and be one or create your own
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The OC Catalog
Come here for help, advice, and references for your OC's.
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Xmen RP
Xavier just started his school for gifted youngsters. Your OC can be one of the first mutants ever to go to Xavier's school. We need lots of OCs to be students and teachers! Some canon characters too
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Set in X-Men First Class. New threats will arise as more and more young mutants gather in Xavier's new school. The question is, will they be able to overcome them?
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Post-X-Men Apocalypse RP
A new and active X-men forum for all fans out there. Takes place right after X-Men Apocalypse and includes both Canons and new OCs. Create a new generation of mutants and join Xavier's school, help start the Brotherhood, or go it alone. The choice is yours. REBOOTED
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XMen: All Boy's School
Based on the Manga: X-Men Misfits. If you have not read the Manga thats alright. Its only Based on that. Basically Xavier's School is an all boys school now. Get ready for some Slash!
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The Scientists
"The scientists are after us. They want to study us, find every little imperfection and take it away. Only, something goes horribly wrong. Like what happened to me." Join the X-Men or the Brotherhood and train your mutant powers!
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X-Men Role-Play: The Future's End
Welcome to the RP forum where you can create OC's or claim canons. Join a side and fight your foes, The Government, The Brotherhood, The X-Men, and more. Each day is one step closer to The Future's End. Will become a story. Active until the end!
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XMen: First Class RP
Post-movie. Charles has gained his ability to walk again. Dont ask how Now its time for school! Create your OC or claim and canon and have fun!
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Post XMen: First class Roleplay
NEW RP We need players! Set after X-men: First Class possibly AU after that. Mostly original characters RP involving X-men, Brotherhood & Undefined characters.
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X-Men Roleplaying
Come RP as your favorite characters from X-men or create your own. Set after X-Men: The Last Stand.
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Let's talk about Xmen.
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