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X-Men: Warsong
A year after the ordeal with the Phoenix Force, Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters has finally returned to peace. But there are mutants who want revenge, who want war. What will happen, when the Phoenix rises from the ashes and resurrects Professor Xavier and Scott Summers, only to join forces with the Brotherhood? Join the war!
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X-Men: Power of the Mutants
Last week, the President declared that Mutants have no part in society and that if they don't leave humanity, they will be subject to full war by the United States. The message was met with wide success and Mutants across the country have been forced out of their homes, turned on by the people they used to call their neighbors. Some have risen up against the government, taking on the challenge of war. Others know that if this happens, the world will fall into ruin. Which side are you on? OC's only.
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X-men after DOFP
The future has been changed and the Professor reassured but it is a long road ahead for the creator of the x-men. New enemies are arising and old ones are plotting, can Charles and his new X-men stop the forces of En Sab Nur, Nimrod and the Friends of Humanity?. This takes places in the alternate time line of DOFP so between the 1970s-1990s time line. Join and either help the x-men or join the brotherhood.
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Into the darkness, X-men RP
X-men RP that takes place after First Class, just before the first movie. Alternate Universe. Darkness is settling down on the mutant community, can our OC's and characters survive what's coming? Read forum rules before making a character, M rated RP. Actively looking for RPERS! If you are 16 or older, please join!
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X-men Rp
This RP is set in the new first class/ DOFP universe. You can claim a canon characters or RP as an OC. You can have any canon character throughout the whole X-men franchise. Anyone is welcome to join
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Gathering Storms for a World of Burning Horizons
"It has always been human nature to fear what is different. Such has it been through history, and will be until the end of mankind. Now, I fear the end of mankind may be approaching. In their fear, the humans have united, against the mutants, the wizards, the vampires, werewolves, and the like. In their fear, the humans have turned to technology, to destroy all that is different. Diplomacy has failed. Reason has failed. Now, I fear that this war will not end until we are dead, or they are." - Charles Xavier
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Private X-Men The Movie form Between Nelly and Shippo
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Welcome to the X-Men
Join the X-Men and be one or create your own
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X-Men DoFP: Aftermath
Takes place after the newest X-Men movie, still set in the past FC/DoFP universe. Play as your favorite Canons or make you own OCs! Become a student at Charles' school, join Erik in his continued quest for mutant salvation/domination, or go it solo! You choose your own path in a world where the possibilities are limitless!
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Fondant Buttons - An Offsite Future Past RP
An offsite RP set after Days of Future Past focuses on Professor Xavier's newest attempt at opening his school-but not all mutants are peaceful, not all humans are accepting, and Xavier and his staff have a bumpy road ahead of them. Play as an X-Man, student, human, or villain!
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