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Talumbus Fans Unite!
Welcome to the best place ever for all the people who love the pairing Tallahassee/Columbus! Everyone is welcome to come join and make new friends, share ideas, and have fun while ranting about Talumbus! Come in at your own risk! :D
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Human Happy Meal - Zombieland RP
Remember mad cow disease? Well, mad cow became mad person became mad zombie. This is an advanced and literate roleplay set during the movie. Play a survivor or play a loser, and find your own twinkie. OCs only. For searching purporses: #zombies #undead #walker #walking dead #apocalypse #outbreak
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Welcome to Zombieland! a Zombieland RP
America-no, the whole WORLD- is now the zombies' domain. But there are pockets of survivors left. This is where we come in. Come and RP in the wonderful world of Zombieland! There will be canon characters, but they will be scarce!
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Uprising of the Undead - Zombieland Roleplay
It's a Zombieland RP, and all are welcome. This forum is advanced and you've got to try your very best. No canons, OCs only.
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A Bunch of Zombieland Stuff
Yeah, I've made a place for RPing and talking about Zombieland.
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Just Another Day in Zombieland Zombieland Rp
Four months after the Pacific Playland incident that brought the survivors closer into a twisted little psycotic family, they run into a new group of survivors and life becomes just another day in zombieland. Inquire within for more information, OC's w
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Zombieland Awesomeness!
Okay, you wanna talk about Z-land? Then this is the place to be! I'm the ultimate fangirl and I know everything about Z-land so let's get to chatting! lol! Most topics will be of... Tallahassee! but we do love a good chat on other things!
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Zombieland questions
Discussing questions and problems in "Zombieland" storyline.
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Zombieland Fan Club
You like "Zombieland"? Join this forum!
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