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Equality or Tyranny
This is where you can play your OC's that I will place in a story called Equality or Tyranny. You can attend classes or form protests. Try to keep to the story line, because I will use things that happen in the story!
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The Origin of Mutants
The line between human and mutant, friends and enemies are blurred as Sinister and Thanatos wreak havoc on New York City as well as X-Men and the Brotherhood. We are still looking for RP'ers! ACTIVE FORUM! Actively looking for FERAL MUTANTS! Please read forum rules FIRST!
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Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters
Welcome to the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters! Here mutants will receive the proper education they would get in a regular school. Students will also learn how to master the mutations that make them unique! They will receive top notch education from the original X-Men themselves! With Logan as the new headmaster you can be sure our mutants will grow up to be the best of the best! They could even become X-men and meet the children of the famous mutants!
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X Men Roleplay
Come and join the X-Men roleplay of your choice! We've got the comics, the various shows, and the movies!
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X men rp
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X-Men Roleplay Forum
will have RP's for multiple movies
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xmen roleplay
this is a role play for any of the movies of x-men
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X men: The Wragler
The X-men go on a mission to save downtown Westchester from an attack. During the battle they realize this is a foe unlike any other. It's a Wragler, she's fast, cunning, and dangerous. But all it take is a little kindness, and friendship to soothe this beast.
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Xmen: book 1
( i do not own the Xmen series, pictures nor the songs except for my OC characters) if you dont like it dont read, any further a do...enjoy.
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