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Equality or Tyranny
This is where you can play your OC's that I will place in a story called Equality or Tyranny. You can attend classes or form protests. Try to keep to the story line, because I will use things that happen in the story!
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The Origin of Mutants
The line between human and mutant, friends and enemies are blurred as Sinister and Thanatos wreak havoc on New York City as well as X-Men and the Brotherhood. We are still looking for RP'ers! ACTIVE FORUM! Actively looking for FERAL MUTANTS! Please read forum rules FIRST!
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Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters
Welcome to the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters! Here mutants will receive the proper education they would get in a regular school. Students will also learn how to master the mutations that make them unique! They will receive top notch education from the original X-Men themselves! With Logan as the new headmaster you can be sure our mutants will grow up to be the best of the best! They could even become X-men and meet the children of the famous mutants!
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The Gifted RolePlay
This Forum is for the new Marvel TV show, "The Gifted" It takes place at the same time the show does. FORUMS IS ACTIVE AND ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS!
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X-Men Roleplay Forum
will have RP's for multiple movies
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X-Men RP!
Ever wanted to be one of the famous X-Men? Well, now you can! Come on in for a fun rp based in the world of X-Men! Claim a canon or create your own character then jump in the rp!
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xmen roleplay
this is a role play for any of the movies of x-men
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X-Men RP community
This forum is intended for RPs within the X-Men movie verse. The main characters will (theoretically) be OCs, but people can apply for control of a canon character.
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