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Come Join The CATS RolePlay: All Are Welcome! Cannon Characters or OC's Are Accepted!
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Cats RPG?
Yeah, I know this has been done before, but, still! Please, Please, PLEASE look at this. It does have a plot.
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Where Do I Go?
It's finally happened. World War Three has arrived- and the radioactive waste from nuclear bombings have created intelligent, cat-like mutants, dubbed Jellicles. These creatures are hated by most, and are on the run to find a new haven...
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Cats rp anyone?
got a favourite cat that you just have to rp as?just love the musical?this is the forum for you!although the main language in this forum is english , speak any language you want!i know more languages than it seems..
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Cats RPG
This is yet another RPG Yes, there are many. This is a new one! :D It takes place post- Wicked Love, so Gracietta, Malaro, and Fenera are fair game, Macavity is in the Junkyard, and...Dymian is a character ; BUT, nothing of Love of Larceny has happened
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What if?
An alternate universe - basically so you can play as the flip side of your favorite characters.
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Jellicle Junkyard RP
This is an RP forum. ok so what that means is if you love CATS and wish to role play as them change your pic as the cat you want and start RPing if it is an OC tell us on here and you can be them. You can have up to three cats tell us which ones and only
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Junkyard RPG
CATS RolePlay! (I know there are already loads, but never mind, one more can't hurt! :D) Please no OCs! More details inside :D
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Cats Relations
A place to vent about who you think is related to who, why, and who you would like to see in a story together.
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CATS Welcome to the New Jellicle Life
Roleplay as canon character or ANY OC's you could think of. Along with the Macavity residents, living everyday life and planning attacks on our dear Jellicles, freely play your characters!
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Cats Rants
Got something about Cats you want to get off your chest? This is the place for you.
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-Untitled Story- Private
Writing a story with Magical-Marvel-Mr.Mistoffelees.
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Behind the Scenes
Not your normal RPG, In this one, You play an Actor in a production of CATS. You'll apply as a person, and I'll 'cast' You as a cat. Join! We really need Members, We don't bite, I promise! Filter Off.
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Fanqueens anonymous
Let's face it. We've all gone fanqueen over some lucky tom one time or another. So... let the corny sleepover conversations begin...
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The cats of CATS as Greek Gods! NEW RP!
Our favorite felines as the amazing Greek gods!
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Obsessed CATS People
Everything and anything CATS!
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What are they?
Are Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer mates? siblings? friends? Somethig else? What do you think? Also includes a Rum Tum Rugger shrine becasue I love him that much.
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Mystical Cats
A new cats RPG. Loads of characters still available. OCs are accepted but it would be better to use all the actual characters first. ACTIVE!
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RPG for people that want the good people!
You know how you find a RPG, and all the awesome characters are taken? Well, here's a new one were you need to have a profile for the character you want. Just post their name, age, looks, personality, who they like if they like anyone-because this can ge
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rp cats verson
big fan of cats fine come and play
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The Jellicle Junkyard
The only Cats forum you could need! Discussions for favourite characters, favourite pairings, Mate/Siblings, general discussion, fanfic reviews and everything else you could possibly want!
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Arguments of Cats
This forum is a place were you can argue about cats. Who's the best character? Are Rumple and Mungo siblings or mates? Argue here There is also a made up characters shrine where you can tell everyone about you're own invented cats!
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OC Hollow
Have you got a Cats OC?
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The Great CATS Slash Forum
Love It or Hate It your gonna get slash in every fandom...but what about Slash within CATS...? Oh Yes ,Let the Fighting Commence! x
English - Topics: 3 - Posts: 21 - Since: 03-29-09 - Admin: ACCINA
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