The Great Jellicle Mystery
An RPG where your favourite cats characters live their lives during the day in a human form, but can also transform into a humanoid cat or a regular house cat during the night. Each tries to hide their feline identity, for if humans found them there could be innumerable experiments or tortures! Join us in the AU RPG! Details inside!
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Mystical Cats
A new cats RPG. Loads of characters still available. OCs are accepted but it would be better to use all the actual characters first. ACTIVE!
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Another CATS RP?
Okay, so basically, this is another CATS RP, like we haven't seen that before... actually I've never participated in one before, so this should be fun! OCs are welcome and you can even play as some of the characters. *le gasp! * Obviously I've had way too much sugar, but who cares! Well... besides me, my dentist, and my teeth. Moving on! Forum rules apply so please follow them and any additional rules will be added later.
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CATS Roleplay
I feel like the title explains itself. But if you didn't get it, this is a RP forum for CATS lovers.
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Jellicles Are Online
Basically a role play inspired by The-Napoleon-Of-Crime's 'Jellicle Chat'. Go read that to get the general idea. CANON CHARACTERS ONLY! Characters that are taken are: Jemima - TheVoiceOfTheJellicles
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