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Dear Evan Hansen Roleplay
AU where Connor lives, but certain mistakes are still made. I haven't seen any RP forums for this on this website, so hopefully some people join!
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Deh role play fun
I just love role play and DEH. So come join the fun
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"Hurry up!" Said Connor as he raced towards a tree. "I'm coming geez you're so fast" Said Evan. Connor started climbing and Evan soon followed after. Evan, panting, was scurrying up after him trying to catch up. Connor stopped at the top, Evan stared at Connor and burned his image into his skull. Connor looked at Evan, as the two gazed into each others eyes, Evans branch snapped.
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Did you fall?
After Evan jumps out of a tree Connor runs to take the stranger to the hospital. after Evan is treated for a broken arm they go to Connor's house to prove to Larry that Connor has made a new friend. what happens when Connor starts to like Evan?
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Hey! Welcome to the TreeBros forum!
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