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Home of Hamilton puns and general riff raff
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The Story of Tonight
"Tomorrow there'll be more of us!" Come and roleplay individuals that defined American history as portrayed by Hamilton: The Musical. We offer canon RPs, AUs, chatrooms, and more!
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Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story
Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now... Come join me and other Hamifans in roleplaying your favorite dead historical figures, crying about our favorite stars leaving the show, and ranting about how Laurens didn't get together with Peggy. AU roleplay, original roleplay, chatting, games, and many more! Ocs are welcome!
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My Shot
A place to role-play, create and debate. Pick a character, create your own and get stuck into the college universe of Alexander Hamilton. Join clubs, lead groups or simply join the OOC chat. There are no Ham forums. I saw the opportunity and I took it.
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Hamilton rp
An rp for one of the greatest musicals about one of the greatest men in history. OCs welcome
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What is your legacy? Indie Hamilton RP Group Canon and OC characters accepted Canon and AU verses
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Do you ever need to vent on haters? Rant on a topic, subject, or character! Ship everybody- from canon to fandom-made!
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Hamilton Talk
Just talk about Hamilton if you want. You can definetly roleplay too!
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