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Is There Another Way To Go? A Les Miserables Rp
A Les Miserables Rp where anything could happen. Change the fate of your favorite Amies. Allow some to live, kill others. It is a free for all rp, anything is possible. Oc's are accepted. Come join the June Rebellion and help turn the tide of battle.
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The Barricade of Freedom-Le Barricade de Libération
A forum for Les Misérables role-playing, be it on the barricades during the uprising of 1832, in the small town of Montfermeil, or in the slums of Saint-Michel, we have it all! Message me if you want to join. Un forum pour jeu de rôle de Les Misérables , que ce soit sur les barricades pendant la soulèvement de 1832, dans la petite ville de Montfermeil, ou dans les bidonvilles de Saint-Michel, nous avons tout! Message-moi si vous voudriez joindre.
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Les Miserables RP Forum
Les Mis RP forum: only Cannon characters Now with general Les Mis chatter and fanfic conversations
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Les Miserables RP
Les Miserables RP. Canon characters and OC's
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Les Mis RP
A Les Mis RP! Make your own character or be one of the Amis, it doesn't matter!
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Les Miserables RP
An RP for Les Miserables Come on and join
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House of Mizzy 2
Ok so basically this is what would happen if Les Mis characters shared one house...Well them and a few other musicals characters...This Rp was started in a different fourm but was deleted sooooooo I created a new fourm so we could continue the Mizzie-ness
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Oliver! Vs Les Mis
Under les mis, but for both. So, which is better? Les mis has Eponine, Gavroche, and amazing music, but oliver has Dodger, Fagin, Nancy and consider yourself! So, HELP ME CHOOSE!
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Les Miserables RP
Set ten years prior to the events of Les Miserables, in this slightly AU RP, we play out the teen years of Marias, Enjolras, Grantiare, and any others. OCs and Cannons aloud and as this is AU characters that would not have been here at this time can be.
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Cafe Musain
Feel free to come here and discuss all things Les Mis!
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Les Miserables
Come to talk about your pairings and theories and fantasies! Do you ship Eponine/Enjolras? Grantaire/Azelma? Marius/Cosette? Fantine/ValJean? Marius/Eponine?
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Les Miserables High School
Join in the adventure as the Les Miserables characters take on a new challenge! High School. *Active*
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Les Miserables Rp! :D
An rp where you can make Oc's or Cretate characters :) based on 2012 film mostly.
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Les Mis Barricade Role Play!
Hello! We're going to do some Barricade Roleplay here! I'm sorry, but you can only be one character. It'll let more people have the oppertunity to join us ;) Marius: Gavroche: TheActorOnStage Eponine: Enjolras: Combeferre: Jehan: Lesgle: Joly: Grantaire: Courfeyrac: Bahorel: Or create your own character. Just need the name, gender, age, and side (neutral, revolution, soldiers).
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Life With the Valjeans
This is about Jean Valjean & Cosette in the time between the "eight years later" part. It starts out when Valjean and Cosette are running away from Javert, and they get help from Fauchelevent, the guy Valjean rescued from getting crushed by a carriage. Yeah and it's kinda bad but help me make it better by leaving your ideas. Rated T for violence and whatnot.
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One more day roleplaying
Hey there Mademoiselles and Monsieurs, what's new with you? Instead of plotting to over thrown the state how about you do a bit of Les Miserables role playing?
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