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Yet To Be Named
It's like a place to discuss things, but on the computer.
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Romeo and Juliet
Feel out of place in the real world? Notice that no one seems to want to put up with your intellectual thoughts on Romeo and Juliet? Then this is the place for you where we shall discuss, apreciate and banter on about Romeo and Juliet.
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The Comedies
A place to discuss Shakespeare's comedies: Which one is your favourite? Do you think the humour holds up today?
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Wing Bearers
Private roleplay inspired by A Midsummer Night's Dream.
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The Official AllStar William Shakespeare Awards
Welcome to the Official All-Star William Shakespeare Awards Forum. Nominate your best actor, actress, villain, character, hero, director and above all the coveted Best Play Award!
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Writing in Shakespeare's Style
A place to discuss any tips or questions about Shakespeare's unique style of writing.
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Just general Hamlet discussion. I can't believe Macbeth is a category, but Hamlet, one of the greatest literary works of all time, has to go under the heading "Shakespeare."
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The Shakespearean Actors and writers
Anyone who is in love with the phenomenon that is Shakespeare
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What if
A place to consider the 'What Ifs' of Shakespeare.
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Shakespeare Geeks
Forum for the Shakespeare Geeks C2 community
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I have some Shakespeare to doHELP
A place to help one another with how to interpret Shakespeare characters. Made especially for actors who have a Shakespeare role, writers who want to write about Shakespeare chars, or just confused people who need some help with their literature homework.
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Who wants to talk about Shakespeare's tragedies? Ask questions about the plots, share your reactions, or just talk about your ghostly experiences with Macbeth. ANYTHING GOES...except bad language.
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Romeo And Juliet Roleplay
In everyday english or Shakespear, you choose! Lets write a new ending, or carry on from where it left off.
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