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A Very Starship Roleplay
The crew of Starship 15-A2 have returned to Earth for planetary leave, but troubles such as a somehow-still-alive Junior and the small matter of trying to save the universe from a second Robot War has made this vacation far from relaxing.
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A Very Starship Roleplay AU Future Gen
A new spin-off board to A Very Starship Roleplay. The children of main characters have *mostly* already been planned out, so if you're interested in joining the roleplay in general, go to the board first.
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The Starkid Game: an RP forum
Four musicals, all alike in dignity, in an alternate universe, where we lay our scene. The characters from AVPM/S, Little White Lie, MAMD, and Starship are sucked into another universe to star in a reality TV show, The Starkid Game.
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StarKid RP Forum!
I think we need another starkid role play forum! welcome to play any starkid character any of their plays or productions- AVPM, AVPS, Starship, MAMD, Little White Lie, etc.
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A Very Starkid Chat Forum
For all lovers of StarKid, this is the place to chat. Chat about the productions, the latest news, your absolute favourite Starkids (coughLaurenLopezcough) and make new friends. Even talk about your favorite quotes. Come in and chat, you know you want to...
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Learning to Dance:Like the fanfiction, but a forum
All things LtD can be found here, conversed about here, and maybe even some karaoke! Through a forum...yeah...
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