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Just another Wicked RPG
Hello. This is the Wicked RPG. We are glad to inform that the fourm is now open again. Bring your Oc's We currently have Nessa open as well
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Dancing Through Life RPG
It's just life, so keep dancing through! One of those crazy Wicked RPGs! Tons of fun, I promise. Please join us!
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The Bored Author's Society
I, having nothing better to do, decided that it would be fun to create a forum where authors can just talk about Wicked related stuffs. Come on in if you, like me, feel the need to partake in random discussions to kill your boredom.
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Wicked Roleplay
Yet another Wicked Roleplay...join at your own risk.
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Close Your Eyes and Leap
A Wicked role playing forum. Everyone's welcome!
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Thank Goodness: Another Wonderful Roleplay Thread!
Main RPs, Side RPs, AUs, Canon, and anything else you could possibly imagine. Come on, follow me. You'll be happy to be there...
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What Is True Obsession With Wicked?
What do YOU think defines an WickedObsessor? I know there's some things like 'Painted myself green at Halloween' by ThroppSistersandcompany but are there any things that you've done that you think qualifies you as being an OzHead. Tell me what you think!
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Wicked rp! please join!
My current obcession: Wicked! I love Wicked and I want to start a roleplay! I tried on another site but no1 would join. Any1 wanna join here?
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Defy Gravity! Roleplay
Wicked Roleplay, set at various times, various different pairings.
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This is a forum dedicated to the pairing of Galinda and Elphaba. Talk about anything to do with them.
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Fellow Ozians A Character Forum
The best place to discuss favorite characters, possible good fanfiction based on them and their best and worst portrayals in fanfiction.
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What would you do in Elphie's situation? Scream, laugh, cry, kill? C'mon, people, it's time for some role play!
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what is your favorite scene in the musical?
yeah, my favorite scene is when they sing 'as long as youre mine' yeah, it is SO cute!
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Fae 4 YeroThe Fiyeraba Complex
For all of you out there with Fiyeraba Complexes, this is group therapy! Discuss the most popular Wicked pairing right here!
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Wicked Fanfics
A place to post about your favorite Wicked fanfics, your own fanfics or even just story ideas!
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Wicked through and through
Its Wicked! Wicked awesome that is! OC's are welcome!
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Dance Through Life!
Yet another Wicked roleplay based on the musical, taking place at Shiz University. And yes...I'm Elphie. Pairings can be anything, whether it's Fiyero/Elphie or Glinda/Elphie, I'm not too picky about it. Whatever direction this roleplay takes is fine. So
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Let's Write a Wicked Fanfic
Write Wicked fanfic line by line together. Anything can happen. Keep it T rated or under, please. :
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This is the time to talk about all UR fav b-way shows!
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The Wicked Movie
Where we can talk about the soon-to-be movie from all aspects!
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SapphireNight 'Wicked' FanFiction Updates
This is a place for anyone interested in my Wicked fics to find out what’s happening with them. Status of current chapters being written, info on rewrites, planned new fics, answers to reviewreaders questions, and more.
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Love to Nor
I don't know if there is already a Nor love forum but who else likes Nor from the Wicked the book?
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Filling Act 1 plot holes
let's do exactly what the title describe! What happened at Shiz? What happened before Shiz? And anything else that was before Act 2/Defying Gravity. Let's let our imaginations run wild!
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basically what it says, nobody has done one for a while so lets see how this goes...
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Defying Gravity Wicked RPG
Just another Wicked Roleplay, mixture of bookverse and musicalverse. We have -A LOT- of open cannon characters. Please join! :
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