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The 100: Survival
100 juvenile offenders are sent to Earth in the hope of finding survival for their people. What they do, what happens to them and what they find is up to you. OC's welcome!
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The 100: Worlds Apart
It has been 97 years since the last nuclear war happened on Earth. Humanity has all but left Earth deserted and resorted to living in space. Now that resources are going low, however, the Ark has no other choice but to send down 100 juvenile delinquents to Earth to see if it's habitable again and if it can be repopulate once more by humanity. However, what they all don't know, once they get down there, are the dangers that lurk around this new, beautiful & deadly planet. Rebooted since September 11, 2018.
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The 100: Endurance
97 years ago a nuclear apocalypse killed everything on earth, leaving the planet simmering in radiation. But fortunately, not everyone was on the ground. At the time, 12 space stations were in orbit and came together to form, The Ark. Now 100 juvenile offenders are being sent to the earth to see if it's survival. They're mankind's last hope, you're mankind's last hope.
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The 100:Life Changed
This roleplay is in english. you can choose your favorite characters and create your characters. good luck and have fun.
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The 100 RP
In peace may you leave the shore. In love may you find the next. Safe passage on your travels until our final journey on the ground... May we meet again.
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The 100 Roleplay
Based on the US Tv show - The 100 - play as your favourite character!
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The 100 RP
After the bunker is re-opened, Won-kru emerges... as does their secrets and the next generation of grounders. Of Won-kru.
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The 100 Fanfiction Challenges
A place where fanfiction writers for The 100 can find challenges, competitions, prompts, a cure for writer's block, etc. Come on in! Join the fun
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The 100: Returning to Earth
Delinquents, welcome to Earth. After so long on Arc, not knowing anything happening on Earth, a lot has changed. Now, for our future survival, you've been sen down to explore it. Farewell, and good luck. (OC's only.)
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writing prompts and challenges
Here is a place for everyone who love the 100 to find story ideas and prompts. Want to suggest a prompt? just include it in the prompts topic same goes for challenges. Started this since I love the 100 but need some direction lol. Let the ideas flow ladies and gentlemen.
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Les 100 grounders trop frenchies
Bonjour ! Ici, on parle de tout ; en allant du Bellarke jusqu'au Clexa en passant bien sûr par le Kabby ! On aime les couples avec des OC, les couples originaux et tout ça ! Bref, on aime tout ! Venez parler de vos fanfictions, de la série ou encore des livres ! Faites vous plaisir en créant des rpg's et surtout amusez-vous !
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The 100: A RolePlay
Welcome to Earth. Try not to die.
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The 100 RPG
This is a 100 role play! Create OCs or use a character from the show. Decide if they are one of the 100, On the ark or a grounder! The story will start as the 100 are landing on the ground. The Ark is still in the sky and they have no knowledge of grounders existence yet. We can follow the show's plot or make it up entirely! It's up to you guys! Have fun!
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The 100 Platform
Welcome to all The 100 fans! This is a place where you can discuss about anything concerning your beloved TV show. You can talk about your favourite pairing, who is your favourite character and much more. Go ahead and enjoy yourselves!
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The 100 RP
This ia for people who love The 100 and love to roleplay. Lets see how many people we can get to join!
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Stay Grounded
Lets talk about The 100 and most importantly Clarke and Lexa and their feelings for each other! Also possible fic idea's because the world could use more fics about a broody babe going heart eyes for a sky princess
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A 。New Year
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What is the name of that story?
Looking for a story.
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Sakura Haruno adalah seorang putri yg sangat cantik baik dan sangat mementingkan kemakmuran rakyat nya. Sasuke Uchiha dia adalah seorang Raja yang Sangat kejam dan Sadis dia berambisi ingin menguasai semua kerajaan yang ada di Jepang .
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paw patrol be careful what you wish for
ryder wishes the pups were like him so he could join in re games because he feels left out
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Co-author(s) wanted for a 100 fanfic
Okay, so I sort of already started with an idea, and I'll tell more if you're interested. It'll be multi-chapter. Anyway I'm looking for a person or two to work on this fic with me, I don't want to really do us writing separate pieces. Instead I would like to all work together and to make the story and share ideas, etc. I would also enjoy to do this through google doc, that way we can chat on their leave comments, etc. Then later transfer it over. Please, PM me if interested.
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Va a ir sobre cantantes
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This girl always wanted to see what it was like to live in her faivorte T.V show and one day it actually happend! what will she do will she think it's a dream or actually happening?
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