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13 reasons why A New Light
events will unfold such as more clay and Hannah story gets more emotional , the depositions ,more New characters, even mentioned Tyler gets arrested trying to vandalize and sneak in thru the windows trying to start a school shooting but got caught, Bryce in the other hand you gotta read to find out more
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a new girl comes to school and get build by this tenn call the cool kid
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Its what you did’nt know
A girl named Tatum who is 14 and a boy named Michael who is 15 and his friend Luke who is also 15. Michael has said some hurtful stuff in the past, and thinks that stuff he says does’nt hurt anyone. But it does.
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Time To Say Goodbye
When Selena moves she becomes the new girl at Kalia High. That's when her life turns around.
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fell for a killer a nalu story
I'm Lucy this is how I fell in love with a killer
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First love
When Michael saw you he couldn't stop looking at you, while he was performing "You are not alone".
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The silenced screams
Justin Foley and Maddie Dempsey are what you would call a cliché highschool romance that would shortly come to an end. But if you look deeper into the story, the way Hannah Baker did, you'd be surprised at the skeletons you would dig up. {Justin never dated Jessica.} {Started on 9.16.18}
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Katelynn's Diary
A girl goes missing at my school! I need you to help me find her. Nicloe Greene needs to find her friend. follow Nicloe's adventure to find Katelynn only by using her Diary.
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miley/equestria girls
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