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A roleplay for anyone who wants to roleplay ANT Farm!
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Ant Farm RP: Ant farm Australia
So this is basically Ant farm but Australian and OCS only. The OCS can be of different nationality but I would prefer if they were Australian.
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The Next Generation
The kids of A.N.T. Farm.
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A fANTastic Forum!
"Welcome to Webster High! Here we have the A.N.T program for Advance Natural Talents." This is where you can have an A.N.T or a regular high school student! RP as China,Olive,Fletcher and so much more! Have fun be yourself and explore the world of many talents!
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Gwen was spotted performing a song by her favourite band, Trifecta, by 2 of the band members. Now they are going on tour, with many adventures in store. Also they are supernatural. Can this get anymore complicated. PUT U DER THIS CATEGORY BECAUSE THIS FORUMIS VERY SIMILAR TO ANT FARM EPISODE 'CHANTS OF A LIFETIME'
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You are a prodigy in the field of your choice. For example, art, music, academic, etc. One catch. You are in the busy world of high school. You must survive through the hustle and bustle of getting to class on time, not being trampled by high-schoolers, staying out of the school queen bee's way and other terrifying aspects of high school. But mostly just trying to fit in.
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ANT Farm: A New Gift
The Ants are all 14 and the A.N.T farm is as crazy as ever! Except now the Ants have a new gift, a superpower! Telepathy, ice manipulation, telekinesis you name it! There's new Ants and regular students piling in and keeping the secret inside the Ant farm is getting harder. A group is trying to hunt them down. Everyday being a an ant gets harder and finding the reason behind their powers might bring even more trouble..
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Talk about the show, characters, and just about anything here.
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Fletcher & Olive - The Sidekicks
For lovers of Fletcher and Olive - The Sidekicks in the TV Show ANT Farm. Totally
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For all fans of both Disney's ANT Farm and YTV's Mr. Young to post anything they want! Fangirl, get advice... anything you want!
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Free ANT
This is an all ANT forum.You can post anything on here that is ANT farm worthy.You can post stuff like roleplays,couples,fav character,talents,and fav talent.
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Totally Anted Out
China and her best buddies go out on a exciting adventure through Las Angeles and ends up getting lost, and how did they get their?
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