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The Eternal Darkness That Swallows All
"How many days has it been...?" Mika says through the prison bars,stiffling a cough. "I don't know... Nor do I care." Haruko says bluntly. Mika, a 16 year old girl, was the first to get infected with an unknown, incurable plague. It was highly contagious, so she was isolated from society in a dark, makeshift prison. Or she was isolated...until...
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finding my way
A little girl grows up with so much drama , little friends, and soon no father
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The prettiest girl
Ethan always loved her bestfriend Ariana
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Forbidden Love
There once was a girl who was scared of the monster. Monsters who killed her mother right in front of her eyes when she was 6 years old. She still remember the long, wavy dark hair with purple highlights tied in a ponytail. With the grim and that haunting laugh while blood covered her. Her eyes glowed with the right eye with green while the left glowed blue. Now she is 17 and she is living with her father. One day, she meets a monster and she don't know what to do.
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Mercy's art school for orphans
What happens when a new school opens and all kinds of talented orphans come together? Will they get along or will they be against eachother?
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Amnesia Aphmau
About a girl who had a horrible past. About a girl who was in a terrible accident. About a girl who lost her parents in that accident. About a girl...Who forgot every single thing in her past.
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How To Kiss A Girl
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Tall Girl Diaries
April is only 13 but is a staggering 5'7 while all her other friends barely hit 5'0. She understands that there are so many more different problems with society but she can't help but feel like a freak. She has a major crush on the popular boy and doesn't know how to handle it. This series covers topics like Bullying LGBT Divorce I hope you enjoy
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