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AOS roleplaying forum
A Tv series RP of Agents of SHIELD,both OCs and main Canons are fine :)
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The Other Verse - AoS RPG
Side game for AoS RPG
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The Classified Archives of SHIELD
Listen up recruits! I have uncovered secret missions that SHIELD won't let the general public know! And the worst part, most of them are happening right now! Come and join, I can get you inside of SHIELD and you can see what goes on behind the scenes, or go on missions with fellow agents I have seen for myself! Good luck recruits!
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Agents of SHIELD RP
ATTENTION ALL AGENTS! S.H.I.E.L.D has fallen, the agents are scattered and HYDRA is still at large and growing in numbers. Agents, we know it is no longer your duty to defend the world but without you HYDRA will become victorious. Nick Fury has stepped down as Director and Agent Phil Coulson has taken over and is asking for you to help build S.H.I.E.L.D back up. Are you up for it? ((RP set after S1 and before/during S2. All are welcome,OC's and canons available to claim/create)) BEING UPDATED AND RESTARTED!
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Coulson Is A Big Bad Business Man
What the title says. XD #OhMerlinsBeard If anyone that is not her looks at It, I will cut a bitch.
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A place where you can talk about all things Agents of SHIELD.
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AoS Fandom HQ
Talk about your favorite episodes, favorite couples, roleplay and find contests for storywriting. But, most of all no hate on any character or ship allowed!
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SHIELD Academy Agents in Training Team Echo
A companion forum for my SYOC under the same title. Come check it out guys and gals. Agents, Instructors, and Trainees, come one come all.
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A War Has Begun
Here is another agents of SHIELD roleplay. I hope you all can join and come have a good time.
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A roleplay forum for fans of Agents of SHIELD. OCs are welcome.
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Story Prompts
Story prompts for Agents Shield, and cross overs from Agents of Shield, Avengers, Captain America, Captain America The Winter Soldier, Iron Many, Thor and Harry potter. Anyone may post prompts. If you use a prompt please let us know so that we may read the wonderful stories you make with them. these ideas are up for grabs so take them and RUN, make of them what you will.
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The Bus
We are loves of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, so lets hang out together. we have Rp and contest.
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The Lab
Enter Fitzsimmons' lab for writer's block escapes and plot bunnies. You'll find challenges, competitions, and discussions about Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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Agents of SHIELD
Under progress. Thank you for your consideration.
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Agents of Shield
In progress.
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Character origins
For any marvel's agents of shield fans who wants to share theories and discuss the origins of characters.
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AU - Agents of shield fanfiction. Skye comes from a more stable family (accprding to her parents), has power, a hacker... but not as careful. This is my first story so go easy on me, im only 14. So my update schedule will probably suck. But i will try...
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The Untold Tales of SHIELD
Calling all SHIELD PERSONNEL. Listen up Agents, Mutants, Inhumans, Superhumans, Enhanced, they're all out there. It's SHIELDs job to protect them all. Do you want a backstage pass to the even weirder world. Come join the ranks of SHIELD today. OC's welcome and wanted, only.
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SHIELD Academy Head-cannon Help
Any have any S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy Head-cannons they'd like to share this is the place. Also if someone could explain to me how SHIELD Academy is broken down into a four year long process. Thanks.
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The Shield Baby
What if Skye was taken out of the orphange by shield at age 5 and was raised by Victoria Hand, Melinda May, Nick Fury, and Phil Coulson.
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I know you’ve heard of daisy being coulson’s daughter so imagine Yoyo being Coulson and May’s daughter and Daisy is Yoyo and Mack’s daughter.
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The secrets of the past (and one shots)
Stories about the agents of shield and more
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Looking For Fic
Can't remember the name of a fic or its author? Post what you know about it here to get help finding it!
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