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American Horror Roleplay
Join as a canon or an OC character in this American Horror Story roleplay! Hotel topic now opened!
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It's years before Briarcliff was even an idea in Sister Jude's head. Now, working at St. Ursula's Home For Lost Children, someone unimaginable has come her way - someone to give her an opportunity she could never pass up. All she did ever want was her own family, you know.
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American Horror Story Roleplay
Be part of the horror...
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American Horror Story: Summer Camp
We Lived in the Murder House, Escaped the Asylum, Protected the Coven and Checked into the Hotel. What's next in this anthology roleplay basked on the popular FX TV show? Intermediate/Advanced forum.
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American Horror Story: Role-Play Edition
Join me in a Canon or OC AHS Role-Play and become part of the family. ;)
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American Horror Story Origins
Based on the wildly popular series American Horror Story, dive in to the mythos and lore of AHS and explore new and original stories intertwined and weaved into existing seasons as well as future installments.
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American Horror Story RP
An AHS RP that allows you to RP for any season! You can join as a canon or your own OC.
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Freaks Like Us
The year is 1952, in Jupiter Florida, where a small group of 'freaks' try to survive. They are one of the last freak-show around, the members will do anything to protect one of their own and keep the business going. And we do mean ANYTHING! American Horror Story: Freak Show Roleplay. Canon and OCs welcome (Other seasons may be added later.) *OPEN & ACTIVE*
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American Horror Story
American Horror Story isn't exactly easy to figure out. Questions? Share 'em!
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American Horror Story RP
"All monsters are human." Everyone welcome, OCs preferred. First four seasons are roleplayed here. Join?
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American Horror Story School for Witches and Warlocks
Make your own Witch or Warlock or claim a canon.
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We're all insane here
Set in 1962, when people are still in the archaic mindset that, if you're not a the norm, you should be killed, or condemned to be put in an insane asylum, many people were placed in there for wrong causes, or were they? An American Horror Story: Asylum Roleplay. Cannon Characters and OC's welcome.
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American Horror Story: Resurrection
This is an American Horror Story rp where you control what happens each season. Welcome to the Resurrection. *active as of November of 2015*
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American Horror Story RP
YAY an RP dedicated to AHS. It can be graphic. Be active and don't be OOC please..
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American Horror Story Discussion Forum
A place to come and discuss American Horror Story, whether that means the the current direction of the show, our favorite fanfics or to give each others challenges and prompts. Lets create a strong community of fans for this fantastic show!
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American Horror Story: Covent RP
Join to Covent, witches, wizards, good or evil. Fight to survive, and become powerful.
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