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Arrow Roleplay
Here you can claim a canon character or create an OC to RP in Starling City. Also you can chat all about Arrow.
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City of Heroes (Arrow, Flash, Gotham, DC Comics)
Oliver Queen is back in Starling City after spending five years in a hellish island. Come join the fun and create a character or play a Canon.
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Arrow Roleplay
Hey this is a role playing forum based off Arrow. It will start on the end of season 2/ beginning of season 3.
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An Arrow Roleplay Forum
A forum for Arrow! Feel free to join, everyone's welcome!
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All About Arrow
Here you can talk anything about Arrow. We can talk about episodes, characters, pairings, ect. Also, here for any help with stories, whether it be coming up with ideas, help with an OC or anything.
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Arrow Roleplay
Taking place from the beginning of Arrow Season Two, this roleplay can go any which way we like. We get to see what happens to Oliver in his journeys as the Arrow, how does Roy become the person he wants to be? And what about al the other heroes that may be inspired by Arrow and his adventures.
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Arrow rp
In this rp you can roleplay as a canon or make up an oc to use it takes place in season three, episode 7 - draw back your bow.
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Arrow Fun Forum
This is a forum to RP, chat and other fun things about arrow on!
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Taking place during the events of Season 2, Oliver Queen has returned to Starling City. He has taken on the mantle of the Hood once more, choosing to go by The Arrow now. The people of Starling City are still recovering from the Undertaking...but things can change. Join up as a character from the show or make up your own.
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The World of Olicity
This is for all the fans who love the pairing of Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen. This is the place to come to if you like to simply just chat with other fans of the pairing. and what's currently going on with the show. This is also the place to come to if you have any ideas for a fanfic and would like to see if other authors could write it.
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Arrow: AU
This is an Arrow rp set in a AU where things from the show are different and everything is not always what it seems (oc's welcomed)
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Starling City
A forum to discuss Arrow TV Series.
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Tales of Starling City
I'm not waiting for the show to come back from Hiatus to figure out what goes on during the rest of season 3. Come story with me.
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Skimmy77's Forum
Playing around with the idea of creating a forum. FF's messaging system is cumbersome, and I feel like I want to talk to you all openly. *Shrug* We'll see how this goes.
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The Foundry
A place for anything and everything Arrow.
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Quiver Fans(QuentinOliver)
Do you have any ideas for a quiver (Quentin/Oliver) fanfic that involve quentin,and his favorite vigilante? There should be more of this hot pairing. I would like to read your hottest quiver ideas.
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