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This Christmas
This is a short story based on you and the Avengers. It is set around Christmas time. You and the Avengers all celebrate December 25, and are having fun... untill an unexpected visitor shows up. (*This is my first time writting fanfiction like this so it might be bad. If you have any tips please let me know*)
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Superheroes Unleashed
Not you're average superhero team. But then again what superhero team is average. They weren't brought together by a secret company or a strange accident. Instead by their own curiosity. Now a team of teen superheroes will fight to save the world from evil, they may be young but that doesn't mean they can't get the job done. Inspired by the avengers, names may be similar.
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Lady Chaos
Astrid had never fit in no matter what. Part of it was, because she was constantly on the run from her farther. She didn't know how he managed to find her but no matter how much or how long she studied the planet she was staying at he always found her. Currently she was hiding on Terra or Earth. She had a fascination with the planet and was able to blend in well enough until she helped defend them in an alien attack. Surprisingly enough they welcome her onto their team join Astrid's journey. torture/clintxoc/Thanos
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I Didn't Want You To Be Alone
Post Infinity War. Natasha went to visit Steve after finding out he's hiding in Wakanda with the others. I suck at summaries but this happened before Infinity War and after Civil War.
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