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Okay....I know lots of people love the RoslinAdama relationship so here's a forum for it because it is now so obviously starting to become canon! KaraLee is welcome too of course!
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A forum for review responses and commentaries on the HP/2012/nBSG crossover Invincible.
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BSG Fic Finder
Can't remember the name of that story you liked and want to read again? Drop in here, leave a note, and let your fellow readers help you out!
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This is the place to go for story challenges! Please, feel free to post your own.
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The Adama Family
Any discussion whatsoever on the relationships of the Adama family memebers, obviously includes Kara! hint hint
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Ultimate Colonial Fleet Library
Everyone has their own little alternate universe/canon AU to the 2003 BSG series where the Galactica and Pegasus are not the only survivng battlestar. However us reader's have trouble keeping up with the classes of vessels, so here is sort of a forum to help keep track of that.
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stargate united destinies
this is a stargate battlestar crossover rpg
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BSG 2003 Fanfic Review
A place to chat and review favorite fics.
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Episode Chat
Wanna talk about your favorite episode? Come on in! How about the one that just aired? Of course!
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Battlestar HYPERION
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Gaeta is a Teddy Bear
A Jolly place where I can blather on about my ridiculous theories and other people can disagree with me.
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Used to make suggestions as to how to develop this story further. Advice and constructive input welcome
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Stories revolving around the Number Six 'Natalie'
This is a forum based on stories that you can contribute revolving around Natalie a sub-model of Number Six. Like BSG/Command and Conquer 3 crossover were Number's Six and Eight find Earth first. Or BSG/SG-Atlantis crossover were Natalie is an Ancient.
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BSG: How to write Battlestar Galactica
Tips and analysis on writing Battlestart Galactica 2003
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Battlestar Sword
Talk about the story here, or I'll be posting questions here
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Battlestar Universia
Posts about Battlestar Universia, my new fic. Tell me you like it or tell me you don't, submit a character or just talk about the story. Leave a review on the story too! It makes me feel good :
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Les Chroniques d'Helena Cain
L'univers du célèbre amiral Tauron...
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The Battlestar Daedalus Forum
The general discussion area of Battlestar Daedalus. A place to submit ideas and opinions about the story, the characters or new races to appear.
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nBSGxNGE (Battlestar Galatica X Evangellion Crossover)
Hey my online name is asaxander740 and for a free-write assignment I will create a Battlestar Galatica X Evangellion Crossover.
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Battlestar Galactica
Just a little forum I've decided to host. Any one can make topics, preferably relating to battlestar. Also a place to provide feedback and ideas to me, and talk about my fic. Not sure how successful this'll be but here's hoping.
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Alpha Station Battlestar Galactica: 2003 Fanfiction
Q and A for Alpha Station; Battlestar Galactica: 2003 Fanfiction. Use this to ask other readers or the author relative questions or to discuss plot points. Questions will be answered by the author as long as they don't reveal spoilers or future plot points. Feel free to talk with other readers here. Please DO NOT review here. Post all reviews in the appropriate section after each chapter. A post-story Q and A will be done when the last chapter is up.
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The LION BS-106 (72 R-BSG) DiscussionDebateQ&A
A start up forum for the fans new and old to debate/discuss/plot feel free to ask questions and receive answers to the behind the scenes of the making of my upcoming fanfic LION BS-106 discussions will also focus on general Battlestar Galactica content.
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