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Private T and M rated forum for me and Lab Rats Whore.
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Big Bang THeory rp
Our whole rp was in a hot dense state than came the big bang. Welcome to Pasadena, California. Work at Caltech or just be a friend or relative. Ocs welcome
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Paradox: A PennySheldon Shippers Forum
For everyone who loves Sheldon, Penny, Sheldon and Penny together, or just Jim Parsons. Anyway you look at it, you win here.
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Funny Quotes
Funny quotes from any episode. come have fun.
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Big Bang Theory Roleplay!
Create/ use existing characters and create a scene on the spot with others sounds simple
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The Slash Conjecture
The place for your all your 'Big Bang' slash forum desires.
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SheldonAmy: Shamy
If you love Sheldon, Amy, Shamy, or even just how every one reacts to them, this is the perfect place for you!
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LeonardPenny: Anyone who's a fan of this ship post
For those who are still on this ship, feel free to discuss
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Regular story prompts for fics. Add your own prompts or use the prompts to start stories, and then post a link to the result!
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¡¡TBBT en Español!
¡Bienvenid@s! Este foro fue creado con la idea de que los que hemos hecho algún FanFiction o leído uno acerca de TBBT nos conozcamos y podamos ayudarnos, leernos, participar en retos, juegos, etc. ¡NO importa que pareja prefieran! (La imagen la cambiaré en cuanto pueda, para los que no les gusta el Shamy) Espero que apoyen este pequeño proyecto, ya que aún son muy pocos los Fics de TBBT en español y que mejor que unirnos para crecer. :)
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story ideas tbbt
You Want to write a story but don't have a good story plot. You have many ideas for stories but don't have the time post them here and let others have a go at them.
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La locura por el Shamy invadió mi vida ¿Y la de ustedes?
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Looking for a fic
I'm looking for a Shenny fanfic. Less romance and more something is after Penny fic. Slender Man to be specific. Sheldon helps her escape. Any ideas?
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Big Bang theory
ok so im kinda new at this... ummm create some kinda roleplay to do with big bang theory
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Leonard Hofstadter Appreciation
A forum dedicated to to the appreciation of Doctor Leonard Hofstadter, a character that needs mores love on this site. If anyone has any Leonard centric stories they'd like to share the "We Love Leonard" Community is also now open:D They only rule around here: no character bashing.
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The Collaboration Promotion
A place for you to find a collaboration or promote your collaboration fics.
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Help me PLEASE! :D
Im looking for a Sheldon/penny fic. Its where penny is assaulted after work one night and Leonard and Sheldon come home to find her sitting in the shower. Sheldon takes care of penny and the relationship grows from there. It was about 7 chapters long - if
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Need help looking for story
Needed help finding a Sheldon/OC story, so I figured this may be the best way. I read it here once before, but now I can't seem to find it again. It was one where a girl moved in next door to Sheldon and Leonard. If someone could help me find it again, I'
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Penny Leonard Story Ideas
I like it when people give me ideas for stories so bring them on please and also I don't see a lot of Penny Leonard stories out there and I want them to be together no matter what hard ship they face.
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Looking for a Sheldon Penny fic
I don't remember much of the story, but it had Penny getting into a relationship with a politician and being told by Sheldon and the rest of the group that they all expected her to someday leave the group. The story ends with Penny and Sheldon getting together. Any help finding this fic would be much appreciated.
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Universe of physics
In this forum we will discuss everything about the show since the cast, episodes, tv show references to real physics. I will update daily the forum with every kind of informations. People who want to know about things the character discuss and do not understand very well are welcome.
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RP: The Big Bang in One Tree Hill
After Sheldon is fired from Caltech he finds a job as a science teacher in tree hill where Brooke and the gang are in their senior year. Pairing Brooke/Sheldon, Leyton, Nayley, Leonard/ Penny. All characters are up for grabs except Brooke. Characters from the Big bang theory are open to.
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En la mente de Sheldon Cooper
Sheldon trata de comprender a las personas,principalmente a Amy Farrah Fowler,quien como novio de ella trata de darle lo mejor,pero al parecer su novia no creé que se esta esforzando para que la relación avance,esto genera una gran discusión entre la pareja. Esta historia se sitúa en la temporada 8,pero no en el final...Espero que les guste C:
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Specialisation is for insects
For comments and discussion of Specialization is for Insects and other Shenny related stuff
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they were eating lunch when gunshots when off and they leanerd something they were not expecting
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