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Big Time Roleplay II
Okay! So since Big Time Roleplay I was deleted thanks to a hacker and hater who sadly hacked our Beloved OutcastOnTheCountOfInsanity, I thought that I'd create a second one. With the hopes I wont get hacked aswel. New RPGers, please introduce yourself in the Introduction topic and read the rules before you do!
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Big Time RP
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BTR Writers' Support and Plot Adoption Forum
This forum is where people can go for story ideas, encouragement, to participate in challenges, or simply to support Big Time Rush and each other. So, if you ever feel stuck or unmotivated, want to recommend any stories or authors, or simply want to talk about your love for the show and the band, this is the place to go. :)
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Big Time Rush RolePlay
There's new students in the Palm Woods! Play as a Original Character or Create your Own! i accept Cannon Couples!
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Tips, Tricks, and Do's and Don'ts
Every writer may need help from time to time, whether its trying to conquer writer's block or creating realistic OCs. This Forum will have some tips, tricks, and some of the Do's and Don'ts centered around writing fanfiction.
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Big Time Rush RolePlay
Come and Join this forum and play your favourtite Big Time Rush characters!
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Big Time Rush: Big Time Fiction Talk
Here we talk about all things to do with Big Time Rush fan fiction slash.
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Big Time Rush Role Play
Ok, so I saw that people were makin these, so i said "What the heck!" and made one too XD
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A Big Time Rush Role Play
Okay here there is going to be a role play everyone is going to make a character which im going to add and we i will accept and we will role play!
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BTR: A Roleplay
Be a canon or an OC! Join anytime!
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The universal Big Time Rush forum
Here is the forum for everything. Talk about the show, stories, the band itself, the members, pairings both het and slash , roleplay, and advertising. Just come on in! Don't see a topic for your post, well add one!
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People who want to talk about Cargan, Role-play Cargan, or just talk about what Cargan would be in the show and any girl to keep Carlos and Logan away from.
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BTR in Palmwoods Academy: Road To Stardom Roleplay
Come and Join your favorite BTR characters in a private School for the potential stars, Palmwoods Academy! OC must be accepted before playing.
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This Forum is for Big Time Rush fans
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BTR Roleplay
Come join! Cannon Characters and OC's available! Its never to late to join
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Big Time Slash Awards 2011
This is the Big Time Rush Slash awards. As we figure out the categories they will be posted here along with the polls for them.
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Big Time Rush Roleplay!
Big Time Rush Roleplay! Be a wide selection of cannon characters, and/or an OC! Have fun!
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East Minnesota High: A BTR Roleplay:
Cliques, Hockey Players, Ice Skaters and Big Hollywood Dreams. So.. How are people supposed to manage? That's for you to find out. Can be any one you wan even OCs. Can have mulitiple people
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BTR talk and fanfic advertisments
here you can advertise your fanfics and also just talk about the show
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Big Time Rush
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Big Time Challenges
Foro de Retos de fan fics.
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My BTR Roleplay forum..I saw alot of other people making these..so I wanted to make one... :33
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Kogan,Cuz It's Awesome
This forum is dedicated to discussing Kogan Slash, along with Jarlos if there's interest. Talk about what happens between the two on-screen, off-screen and in our Fanfiction's. Warning: Contains Slash!
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Gossip Kills: Palmwoods High RP
Welcome to Palmwoods High. Prepare to die. RP
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Big Time Rush rp
Canons and ocs
English - Topics: 1 - Posts: 5 - Since: 07-25-12 - Admin: jamestwin
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