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Blue Bloods season 4
Come talk to other Blue BLoods fans about anything season 4 for our favorite police drama
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Blue Bloods season 5
Come talk to other Blue BLoods fans about anything season 5 for our favorite police drama
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Sunday Dinner
A place to discuss almost anything related to the show. Fanfic challenges, plot holes, character discussion, you name it.
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Heads up,4 chapters before Jaime pops into the story. Whenever you started reading,you're awesomely amazing for reading. So, yeah, wrapping it up with four last chapters and just so you know, these chapters will be referenced back to for people, places, memories. So be sure to read all these chapters before you start reading into the future chapters with Jaime. If you're just clicking on by and like it, great. First few chapters won't be confusing without previous chapters.
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blue bloods story challenges
if you want to post a story idea or challange, or if you need a story idea or challenge
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The Last Time
When Jamie goes undercover for a week, Eddie is home with her best friend. She finds out very shocking news over the course of the week, will Jamie make it back safely? All rights go to CBS
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Blood Fued
The city is in the middle of Turf war and their 4 Mafias that are fighting for the right to be the head. Each mafia has a spy in the departments. All Reagans have retired but can they sit by and let their home be over run? Which Mafia will be the one who ends up on top?
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