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I love BONES
For those who love BONES. And just want to chat about Brennan and Booth or just anything and everything BONES related.
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Fans of the Lab
Anything and All Bones! Best Fanfictions, challenges, episode discussions, artwork, questions, answers, theorums, hypothesis, motive- Whatever! As long as its relevant, sort of, it's good!
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Bones quotes about TV?
Obviously Brennan doesn't agree with the role television plays in our society today, and she has said some things about it. Can anyone remember those quotes? Also. Does Brennan have a TV this season? She said she watched "Jersey Shore", but in past seaso
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Jack and Angie!
This is a forum for all Hodgela fans to come and chat about the two of them!
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Dr Brennan's greatest moments and crimes
here we talk about Brennan's Bones greatest moments and most intriguing murders or crimes. there are also quizzes to see how much you really know about the characters or show in general. enjoy!
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Looking For Bones Fanfiction With Teens
I'm looking for a Bones fanfiction where Bones and Booth are teenagers. Preferably a romance, angst, or hurt/comfort story. Thanks!
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I have started a story, but I don't know where to take it. Can somebody give me some ideas? The beer bottle sat unopened on the small table on his balcony. Leaning back on his patio chair, Booth could still feel the heat from earlier in the day. Tr
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Booth and Bones challenge
Bring out booths alternate persona after coming back rom a mission . A darker more sensual booth. Maybe throw in a spice relationship between booth and an old acquaintence who wants him fro another mission. Hugh pistols that bring back memories and he ch
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Beta please?
Hi, I'm looking for a Beta to edit a current story I am working on. Thanks!
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The English Squintern!
Just a place to talk about Brennan's lovely English Squintern, Vincent Nigel-Murray, aka Vino Delectable! Also any Vincent pairings are allowed, along with challenges!
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Talk about anthropology and get help with the facts. :D
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Bones S8 Wedding bells, or heartache?
Spoilers for the upcoming season are beginning to put out the idea that Booth might not recover so well from Brennan taking their daughter Christine on the run at the end of the seventh season that forgiveness may not be in the cards just yet... . Other rumours tease a possible trip up the aisle. What do you guys think? The former, the latter...or both?
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My Bones Verse
My first time doing something like this, if I'm doing something wrong please tell me. If interested please come in. This is about the verse I made in my head. Parker's name is Zack, short for Zackaria. The verse is centered around him. I couldn't think of his name and that was the first thing to come out. If you want to know more, please come in.
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Need Help finding a story
Im looking for a story about when booth visits brennan grave and Parker is all grown up and Booth mentions that Parker won a science fair and decorated her grave
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Bone crossover with any Star Trek series
So as anyone noticed the similarities between Bone's logic and Vulcan logic. One of my best friends watch Bones and said, "Hey, she is a female Spock!" I think it would be great to have crossovers were Bones isn't just the Best in the World, but the Universe and gets to interact with some Vulcans.
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Roleplaying Bones?
I can't find a RP on here which is active, anyone want to join? :)
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Vida en el Jeffersonian
Foro dedicado exclusivamente a la serie Bones, donde encontrarás retos, juegos y mucho más.
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J & A fanfics
A collection of fanfics of Bones relationship J & A known as B & B 2.0 . Forum for my favourite relationship in show.
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