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Camp Kikiwaka
For all things Bunk'd! Who are your crushes? Who do you ship?
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Bunk'd:Griff and Zuri
So, I didn't find a Bunk'd forum, so I decided to make one myself. This is especially about my GRURI(Griff and Zuri) ship though, but you are welcome to talk about Xemma/Emmander or whatever other Bunk'd ship you want, but please note, that whatever you talk about in this Forum, GRURI must stay together. And another thing, we need to write more GRURI books up in here people! I have literally been to all the websites and read all the GRURI books, there really isn't enough. On Wattpad there are like 6 and on
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The Spelling Bee
A new camper is introduced to Camp Kikiwaka and Tiffany immediately falls for him. He is funny, and really smart, just like her. When Gladys hosts the camp spelling bee, Tiffany gets over competitive and makes it not as fun for anyone. She gets into the final round with the new camper and is determined to win, even if it means that she will lose her crush.
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