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CSI: NY RP forum
Role Play all around! You can be cannons or OCs, come join the crime lab. OCs don't have to be apart of the team
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Fic Challenges
For all writers who are stuck for ideas, someone creates challenges
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Looking for a CSI:NY story?
Basically I keep seeing people searching for stories on all the different forums and so I thought... hmmmm... why not consolidate them.
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On the DL: Danny and Lindsay
A forum for the DannyLindsay 'shippers in all of us. Discuss your favourite scenes, fics, etc.!
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Petition to keep CSI: NY on Wednesdays!
Ratings have dropped and CBS thinks moving the show to Friday nights at 10pm will solve the issue. It'll only get the show cancelled, hardly any shows last long when slotted on that day. Make your voice heard! Sign to keep CSI: NY on Wednesday nights and
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CSI:NY Fanfiction Awards, 2008
We have some brilliant writers on this board - let's let them know this! Please join and add categories, stories and vote, and we'll have the winners announced on um, the day of the season finale!
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CSI: NY Fic Ideas
This is a forum where you can leave your fic ideas that you'd like to see written by me and I will do my best to write them for you as I can!
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The Ships of NY
We all know and love at least one ship for CSI:NY, which one floats your boat?
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For CSI Maniacs!
For all the people who love CSI: New York and if ya want, Miami. Or if you just like them.
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Shipper's Corner
This is where you can DISCUSS and DEBATE all of your favourite ships in CSI: New York.
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Volunteering as beta reader for StellaMac stories
If you are looking for a beta reader for your stories, let me know. Check out my stories to see if you like my writing. I absolutely prefer StellaMac stories so those would be easier for me to beta because my heart is really into it :
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CSI:NY Tidbits and Trivia
What have you noticed while watching CSI: New York that doesn't just jump out and grab the casual viewer?
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About Mac Taylor
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the Adam bomb
For fans of CSI: New York's labtech Adam Ross. A place to exchange story ideas and to let fans know about new stories featuring our favorite geek.
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Foro M&M s
Tercera vez que intento abrirlo aquí...Pues nada, este es el primer foro de CSI:NY en general, y de DL, M&M s o como querais llamarlo, en particular en español, discute aquí todo lo que quieras sobre esta pareja, frases, momentos...lo que sea!
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A discussion on Angell's first name - Jessica or Jennifer!
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Flack and Angell
A place to discuss this potential couple. Trade ideas, plots, etc.
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Fiesta Fans
For all the Fiesta, F/S, Stellack o whatever you call...
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Det Don Flack
All about Flack!
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CSI New York RP
It's summer in New York city. Time for the whacko's to hit the street.
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Flack, Don Flack
Don Flack and Penelope Woods. What happens to their relationship? You should have the chance to decide. Add your ideas please.
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Music for My Ears
Know any songs that go with CSI: NY? For your fav. couples or just the show? Or even just regular old New York City... Tell all!
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Pay Up Season Finale
anyone want to discuss the amazing season finale - who's dying ? Who's Injured ?
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CSI: New York and The XFiles
A forum for fans of either show. Not a fan of one of them? No problem! Join in a discussion about either show. Fanfiction challenges are available if you're up to it!
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