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The Original Castle Forum
A place where you can ask others for helpful critiques on your stories, create your own topics, or maybe just obsess over the Castle cast. *squeals*
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Castle Roleplay! new
this is my new Castle roleplay! Please join! Cannon and OCs! *active*
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Castle Fic of the Week Club
I write Castle Fan Fiction. I love the feedback in the form of reviews, but I want more. I want to connect with other members and discuss a different fic each week or couple of days. I would like to invite the author to join in the discussions.
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Looking for a Story?
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Different Parings
To try to get the Castle fanfiction community to think of different parings with the characters Kate Becket and Rick Castle.
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Spoiler Alert Request For Castle Season Four
Please, some of us prefer to be spoiler-free! If you use a spoiler in your story, author's note, review, forum, etc., please give us an obvious spoiler alert as a courtesy. Many thanks in advance.
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Para hablar sobre la serie Castle y sus personajes.
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Hobnob Writer's Lounge
A Roleplaying group where writers can also get help writing.
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Castle Roleplay
Some of you must be guilty of it. I know for a fact, I am.
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Castle question s?
This is a forum for a question I have about Castle. Other questions welcome but please make anew tpoic for each question.
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SongFics & Fanfic Ideas & Tips 4 Newbies and All
A place for fun, ideas, tips, tricks and more.
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Friendship between Alexis Castle & Kevin Ryan
Should the friendship between Alexis And Ryan develop into something more.
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Castle - The New Recruits
A handful of graduated academy cadets join the NYPD and work along side our favorite detectives and the ever so famous Richard Castle. Are you one of them?
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3 words, 8 letters, and I'm yours
Castle Season 2 Finale :
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Castle Videos
Post/link your videos here to share with other Castle fans!
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Recommendations Forum
Recommend stories to others or request recommendations from others.
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Castle Fans!
Just a little forum for the big fans of Castle!
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Atention! New Fan Club!
Hey guys! I found a new Stana's Fan Club, and I subscribed, I love that web, with a lots of pics and videos! You also can subscribe there! That's amazing! Wow! Check it out!
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Castle and Beckett Hooking Up
Tell what you think should happen when they hook up, and when they should.
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Are YOU the BR for me?
I'm looking for a BR who's REALLYx10 good at body language, fairly good with grammar and punctuation, and knows what to do to assist w/ the flow of the story, and who's HARSH; BLUNT; AND BOLD. Also he/she CANNOT mind lemon/smut. And, you have to be a fan of Castle and Pirates of the Carribean.
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All about Castle. Caskett, Esplanie, Kenny, Gates, Montgomery, Alexis...
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Castle Roleplay?
Interested in roleplaying Castle? Because I am, and have searched everywhere for some literate people and have had no such luck! So let's discuss. I'm open to anything, and everything. Well, pretty much.
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