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Cal & Ethan
Anything Cal and Ethan that you want to discuss such as spoilers, storyline ideas and what has happened in the latest episodes. ust anything Caleb and Ethan related
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All Stars Casualty
Everything from Roleplay to Your Favourite Pairing you can find it here!
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This is for writing your OC's some of them may feautre in my storys
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Character game
A game for all causlty fans. copy and paste the last persons post into your box and minus 1 point from your least favorite character and plus 1 onto you most favorite last one standing wins.
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What character would you like to return?
Nikki Marshall? Bex Reynolds? Max Gallagher? Who would you like to return to the popular tv show that we all know and love?
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Sam and Tom
Sam and Tom
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Georgina Thomas Casualty lover
Tom and Sam casualty the cutest couple
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my casualty and holby city
there is links to my fanfictions i hope people will read them. feel free to post what you want to.
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Casualty RP
Ever wanted to be connie beauchamp or be chirpy robyn! Nows your chance accepting OCs aswell
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Startof a new chapter
This is about the life of tom and sam and it from the begining. I’ve added a character called emma which is sam daughter but you will have to wait to know the father. All is made up and will contain present and past characer and i dont own the character.
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