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Adventures of the next generation. The New Generation have made their own school named Charmed School where you could put your young magical creatures in. But you could still enjoy grown up adventures. Now come and join the fun! Takes place after everything that happened.
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The Power of Three
Welcome to the life of the Charmed ones, this is set next Gen, where Wyatt and his family are all grown up. Piper, Phoebe and Paige are no longer the Charmed ones, but their children now take on the role instead. Plot inside, come join the fight. In English by the way.
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Charmed: The Second Generation
Come have fun and RP :P
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Charmed Rp
Here you can Rp as the Halliwell sisters and cause some trouble.
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Create your own witch,demons,whitelighter,darklighter.
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Charmed next Gen
This takes place in the future in a future were the sister are not a live but all there kids are and trying to fight the evil, they find love and other things
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Favorite and least favorite on Charmed
Tell me who is your favorite charmed one,favorite guest star, favorite couple, favorite demon, least favorite charmed one,least favorite couple, least favorite guest star, least favorite demon, and any favorites and least favorites you can think of.
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Charmed: Next Generation and OUAT RP
This is an RP for Charmed and OUAT. (Not a Crossover RP). The Charmed RP takes place when the Children of the Charmed Ones are adults. The OUAT RP takes place after Season 4. Storyline for both is inside.
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Charmed Roleplaying
Wanna be Charmed? Come here and get ready to play!
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Charmed 2: The Next Generation RP
The next generation is now ready to take over the responsiblity of being the Charmed Ones X 3 . What will San Fransico be like with 9 teenage/young adult witches/whitelighters/cupids etc. running around? The newest threat is on the horizon and needs he
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The Charmed Sons
For anyone who thinks there should be a spinoff to Charmed starring Drew Fuller and Wes Ramsey Chris and Wyatt
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charmed again
See inside for more info about the RPG
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Charmed: The New Generation
With a new generation of Charmed Ones comes a new generation of demons. Help fight the darkness.
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Charmed: The School
The Next Generation of The Charmed Ones have opened up a school for their kids and other witches and creatures children. What drama will unfold in the halls of "The Charmed School"?
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The Art of Charmed Fanfiction
This is the forum for those who want to discuss the art of writing fanfiction for Charmed.
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Forever Charmed RPG
Piper, Phoebe, and Paige are up against a new evil! All Charmed fans welcome!
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Who's the hottest?
Come on girls, who do you think is the hottest?
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Charmed crossovers
What would happen if Charmed and another Show... book... etc.. mixed IDEAS PLEASE
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2gether 4ever
Prue&Andy? Piper&Leo? Phoebe&Cole? Paige&Glen? Or maybe somebody else... Tell us why you love your favorite Charmed couple and why you don't like your least favorite couple. Enjoy
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Brotherly Love
Talk about the brothers Chris and Wyatt here. Slash talk is welcome.
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Charmed oh my god! Paige is getting married!
Your thoughts on the youngest charmed sister getting married! did anyone notice that prue is the only halliwell not to be married in the series so far?
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Charmed - Next Generation RP
Reboot of an RP on my old account cause it's gotten very jumbled but it was basically my first forum besides my Sailor Moon one so I don't want to delete either of those. You can request new roleplay topics or crossover RP topics but they must all be tied to Charmed in some way.
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Charmed Sucks for Fucking Life, This is the Truth
Charmed Sucks for Fucking Life, all Charmed's fan are stupid asswipes and do you know why, cause every episode is the FUCKING SAME, THERES TO MANY ULTIMATE POWERS, FUCK YOU CHARMED FANS
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Phoebe and Cole
Here is a place to post a link to you Phoebe and Cole story, but only if they are together or will be together in the end. And no haters. Any real fan will ignore mean posts, and so will I. So don't. But have fun.
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Charmed & Challenged
Post anything here! Mostly challenges, but anything goes. Please keep it appropriate. Have fun! Challenge others to reach their potential in writing, be creative, and meet others with the same love of Charmed.
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