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The Power of Three
Welcome to the life of the Charmed ones, this is set next Gen, where Wyatt and his family are all grown up. Piper, Phoebe and Paige are no longer the Charmed ones, but their children now take on the role instead. Plot inside, come join the fight. In English by the way.
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Create your own witch,demons,whitelighter,darklighter.
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Charmed: Next Generation RP
This is an RP for Charmed that takes place when the Children of the Charmed Ones are adults, except for Phoebe's youngest, who is a late teenager. Storyline is inside.
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Charmed - Next Generation RP
Reboot of an RP on my old account cause it's gotten very jumbled but it was basically my first forum besides my Sailor Moon one so I don't want to delete either of those. You can request new roleplay topics or crossover RP topics but they must all be tied to Charmed in some way.
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Charmed Again
{Starting around season 3} This a roleplay that focuses things that happened off screen. There will be vanquishing, drama, a lil' romance and more. Join the games. Who knows what will happen next?
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