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TWoP Kicked Us Out, But We Still Love Chuck!
Well, our mod over at TelevisionWithoutPity went on vacation, and his sub decided to be a dick and lock our thread because we didn't play by his rules. So, here we are, discussing Chuck!fic any damn way we please!
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Chuck RP
Well as it says in the title, this is a Chuck RP! :3
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Chuck discussion board and roleplaying
Talk about Chuck and roleplay
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Chuck & Sarah
For all those who like the pairing of Chuck & Sarah
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Buy More
Now that the third season finale is fast approaching, click here to share ideas and perhaps even do some RPG in the world of the Burbank Buy More!
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Beta Reader needed
I need some one to beta read my stories before i post stem
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If you have an idea for a story but aren't good at writing say here.
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John and Ellie: The Jellie Forum
For all the Jellie fans out there
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recommendations, reviews and ideas
Always looking for some recommendations on good chuck stories. Re-reading some classics. Reviewing old and new stories. suggesting some ideas for new stories
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DexterChuck crossovers
So, as many of you, who are fans of Dexter, know that everyone's beloved Yvonne Strahovski a.k.a the kick-ass Sarah Walker from Chuck will be cast in Dexter. What can be cooler? Is it a time for new exciting Dexter/Chuck crossovers? What are your thoughts?
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Dark Chuck? Spoilers
Discussion about "The Dark Intersect"
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Discuss the episodes!
Discuss here the lastest episodes of Chuck, or just your favorite one's!
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hey guys i don't know if you hear about chuck might being cancel, still anything is secure, but the chuck fans from the whole world are going to send letter to the channel. join us please! i'm going to post the mail adress in the forum!
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Chuckloween special
Hey guys! this is a little thing my head created. Since Halloween is approaching i wanted to do little story about CHarah that includes mayhem and mischief with a pinch of scary and gruesome things with a little side contest: In honor of our favorite nerd
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