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Criminal Minds RP
This is a place to RP! You can play canons, unsubs, an oc, or a fan character. Please read the rules and apply for a character before you start roleplaying. Thanks :
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Criminal Minds Weekly Prompts
Are you a fan of Criminal Minds? Then come on in! Whether you like to read it or write it. We offer weekly prompts, competitions, review games and even some friendly discussion. We'd love to meet you, after all, we all have at least one thing in common!
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Criminal Mind RP :
It seems to me all the RP are fully or not active so I've created another place where you can RP as your favorite character, so long as they are not taken. OC welcome once the team is filled. Slash welcome. I will post rules later.
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Criminal Minds RP
This is a criminal minds RP, I will play Reid but everyone else is up for grabs. You can be an OC or part of the team. WE HAVE ROSSI and other characters! Have fun and join! :) ANYONE CAN JOIN! :)
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Criminal Minds Roleplay
Everyone is welcome, any questions please message me
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BAU Role Play
Behavioral Analysis Unit RP forum. :3 A forum where you can RP Criminal Minds, discuss it, or just lurk. Message me to join.
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Criminal Minds RP
Criminal Minds rpers welcome
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Criminal Minds RPG
Welcome! Come role play either OCs, Unsubs, or CCs here about the show Criminal minds. All can join! All I do ask is that you pay attention to the rules please.
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Inside Criminal Minds RP
Hey, so I noticed most RPs are already filled so here is a new one for new people to join. Here you can create, become and join in the RP and have fun. We will dicuss cases and have a daily chat topic about Criminal Minds! PM me for further information or anything you are uncertain about! Main Characters that is still available is David Rossi and Morgan. Along with many recurring characters.
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Criminal Minds World
Grab a character and join the fun!This is the world of Criminal Minds!
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Criminal Minds Roleplay
MUST BE INVITED IN. Private Message PM any mod to audition or with the OC application.
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Criminal Minds Role Play
Yes, another CM role play. Claim canon characters, or play as an OC. ACTIVE! Come join. We really need people!
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Criminal Minds RP
The BAU's off on more cases and chilling suprises. Bring in your OC and join the fun!
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Song Title Prompts
We will post Song Title's and you write a story with either the song in it or with the song title in the story some where.
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TV Prompt Challenge
Challenge forum for those who want to come play! Specifically geared towards prompts from television show episode titles.
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Criminal Minds
When there's a serial killer, the team knows what to do. Go to the town, build a profile, catch the SOB. But, when one of their very own goes missing, they have to piece it together like a puzzle. Will they ever see their teammate again?
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Criminal Minds RP
This is a Criminal Minds Roleplay! All Welcome!
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Awesome Criminal Minds Roleplay :D
There are not enough of these, and so I'm going to make one for me and my CM fangirls. That means you, Holly :D
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Mentes Criminales: Unidad de Análisis de Conducta
Este foro ha sido creado para la participación de todo el mundo adicto a Criminal Minds. Habrá retos sobre cualquier temática y personajes variados además de topics de interés general (debates, juegos, recomendaciones) ¡Participa!
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Criminal Minds Role Play
This is fun, interactive role play, where we as Criminal Minds writers and readers can come together and create more stories.
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Destination: Inspiration
A forum for ALL CM fans where you can swap 'n give ideas for new fics. Whether you are full of ideas but are just too lazy to write, or you love to write but are fresh out of good ideas, this is the place for you! Warning: I'm new to this forum thingy!
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Country song prompt challenge
Here you will find a list of country songs/their lyrics. Pick any you like and write a story. Post a link to your story under that months prompts. Have fun! This forum is not a copy cat of Gone Country Challenge!
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RPG for the Criminal Mind
A group for those that love the show. Be a beloved character, OC, or Unsub.
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The Smut Club
The Smut Club - your harbor in the endless sea of smut. This is the best place EVER to exchange thoughts on what makes a good smut fic! Turn to us for inspiration and help. Check out our prompts and challenges!
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Why Morgan&Reid does&should EXIST!
A List of Why Morgan and Reid should exist... subtext anyone? Please do not post and read if you DO NOT LIKE SLASH! Even if others don't believe,we shall be other soldiers marching to the beat of awesomeness!
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